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Trivia / Total War: Three Kingdoms

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  • Banned in China: Surprisingly averted. Chinese players were excited to get and play this game and the only serious problem it faced would be the Chinese government's censorship policies and regulations on foreign games which exist for economic reasons.
    • On August 2019, the relationship between Three Kingdoms and Chinese players has suddenly turned very bad due to a deal between CA and NetEase. NetEase is universally hated by the Chinese gaming community as a "predatory and parasitic middleman" company that literally pulls out all the stops when it comes to Microtransactions (MTX). Because of this, the Steam page for Three Kingdoms has been furiously bombarded with downvotes as a warning to CA to cancel their deal with NetEase and to potential customers that they will be nickel-and-dimed (swindled) for every possible cent by NetEase if they buy this game. And yes, NetEase really is that despicable.
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    • Creative Assembly eventually released a statement reassuring the players that the Chinese version of Total War games will not be modified, aside from the localisation support that NetEase was already providing.
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