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Trivia / Thomas Was Alone

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  • Approval of God: James was believed to be a metaphor for gay people, as he was mentioned to be "inverted" and bullied for not fitting in. While the creator specified that James is a more general metaphor for people who don't fit in and not specifically gay people, he is happy that they can connect with James in such a level and supports the Thomas/James ship, stating that if the story had been longer, James would have fallen in love with Thomas.
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  • Creator Backlash: If the dev commentary is any indicator, apparently Mike regrets using the "staircase puzzle" (where you make a staircase of the playable characters so the ones with worse jumps can get up a ledge) as frequently as he did.
  • Word of Gay: Although it is easy to interpret James as being gay, it was the creator who actually specified that James would actually be attracted to Thomas, had the story been a bit longer.


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