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Trivia / Takeshi's Challenge

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  • Colbert Bump: After JonTron's review, the game was discussed only slightly more; however, compared to before the review, the discussion on the game shows. And before that, there was its appearance on GameCenter CX, where it was Arino's very first game challenge.
  • Throw It In: The development team took down all of the ideas Takeshi gave during production meetings whether they made sense or not. Many of those ideas were made while he was drunk, and it shows.
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  • Trolling Creator: The whole game is just Takeshi deliberately trying to piss off the player for laughs. The intro text isn't lying either; Kitano really does hate video games, and most modern technology for that matter. Some aspects of the game were deliberately created by him to frustrate the player so much that they would have to find something else to do instead of being in front of a television.