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Trivia / Star Trek Voyager S 2 E 19 Lifesigns

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  • Blooper: As the Doctor leans down closely to examine Denara Pel on the biobed, her hair moves from his breath, even though the Doctor's breathing is only a simulation to avoid Uncanny Valley.
    • Then again, "Message in a Bottle" will later show that even simulated breathing can feel pretty real.
      Doctor: Stop breathing down my neck.
      EMH Mark-II: My breathing is only a simulation.
      Doctor: So is my neck. Stop it anyway.
  • You Look Familiar: Had Will Riker appeared in this episode instead of the previous one, he might have evoked this trope to Denara, saying she reminded him of Carmen Davila, a Federation colonist he once knew (Susan Diol appeared as Carmen in "Silicon Avatar").

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