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Trivia / Soul Coughing

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  • Creator Backlash: Mike Doughty described his time with the band as a "dark marriage" in his memoir The Book Of Drugs and spent most of his early solo career speaking very unkindly of both it and the other members. He admits that their experimental style wasn't what he wanted to do musically and relations between all members only grew more stressful the longer they were together, not helped by the fact that he was also struggling with drug addiction at the time. He eventually made peace with the band and his time in it, recording an album of rearranged SC songs, Circles, in 2013, followed by a tour and a "live" album, Live From Ken's House.
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  • Creative Differences: Ultimately what drove the band apart. Doughty got sick of the experimental style really fast and all four members were constantly fighting over songwriting credit.
  • Old Shame
  • Permanent Placeholder: The Scatting-heavy verses of "Paint" were originally there because Mike Doughty hadn't finished writing lyrics yet. He decided he liked how they sounded, so the non-lyrics stayed in place.
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  • Real Song Theme Tune: ECW wrestler Danny Doring used "Super Bon Bon" both as his singles theme and for his tag team with Amish Roadkill.
  • What Could Have Been: While recording Ruby Vroom, the band toyed with the idea of doing a dub-style Remix Album of the material called Ghost Of Vroom, as a takeoff on reggae band Burning Spear releasing an album called Marcus Garvey then following it up with a dub remix album called Garvey's Ghost. In 2020, Ghost Of Vroom was then used for as the name of a new Mike Doughty project, which has a bit of "what could have been" on its own - in an interview Mike mentioned that he contacted the other members of the band about making the material a new Soul Coughing album, but the pitch didn't go over well, so he assembled a new group.