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YMMV / Soul Coughing

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  • Harsher in Hindsight: The opening lines of "Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago".
    A man
    drives a plane
    into the
    Chrysler Building.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Some fans have speculated that their song "Rolling" was about getting high. It wasn't until the liner notes of Lust in Phaze that Mike admitted the song was about ecstasy — and that he regretted writing it, because ecstasy was his gateway drug to harder stuff like opiates.
  • Misattributed Song
    • Propellerheads remixed "Super Bon Bon", but they never did a remix of "Circles". The mix that always shows up credited to them is actually by Ashley Beedle.
    • "Mermaid" by Mark Degli Antoni has been misattributed as a Soul Coughing rarity - fairly close, since it's a solo piece by a Soul Coughing member featuring most of the rest of the group (only Mike Doughty wasn't involved). It was even played as an "intro" at some Soul Coughing performances.
  • Signature Song: Pick one from each album — "Down to This" (or, alternatively, "Screenwriter's Blues"), "Super Bon Bon" or "Circles".
  • Song Association: Go to any YouTube video for "Rolling" or "Circles" and see how many millennials say that they know either song from the station bumper music videos Cartoon Network created for them using clips from Betty Boop and Hanna-Barbera cartoons, respectively.