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  • Dear Negative Reader: Let's just say that Willis can get pretty sensitive about people giving him negative feedback.
  • Defictionalization: The Dinobot "HONOR" poster from this comic has since been printed and is often available at David Willis' online store.
  • Jossed: Fan speculation once Ultra Car gained a humanoid body was that she'd be renamed Carla. While Willis has confirmed this as the name of UC's upcoming Dumbing of Age counterpart, Malaya's attempt to use the name was immediately shot down by Ultra Car herself, and she's kept the name Ultra Car since.
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  • Word of God: Faz's full name ("Faz O. Lee") took nine years to appear in the comic, despite having been canon from the outset.
  • Writer Revolt: Malaya was originally created and put up on Twitter as a sarcastic response to a fan that said that you can't create a character specifically to be non-white or female because of 'the dangers of tokenism'.

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