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Trivia / Shakespeare Unwrapped

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  • Awesome, Dear Boy: Producers included the scene between Regan and Oswald purely to have a Game of Thrones-esque exposition scene in a garden.
  • Cast the Runner-Up:
    • William Brady was first cast as Gloucester, but then upgraded to Lear.
    • Bobby Calloway auditioned for Albany but got cast as Cornwall instead.
  • Fake Brit: Irish actors William Brady and Stephen O'Leary affect English accents to play Lear and Oswald, as does the American Tom Duffy to play The Fool. Everyone else has Irish accents, except Cornwall (who is played by an English actor).
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  • Funny Character, Boring Actor: Inverted. Goneril is cold, humourless and calculating. Her actress Madi O'Carroll is a Genki Girl in real life.
  • Playing Gertrude: As to be expected with this gimmick. Aoife Martyn (Regan) is two years older than William Brady (Lear). Madi O'Carroll played the oldest sister and was the youngest of the three actresses.
  • Separated-at-Birth Casting: Juliette Crosbie and Aoife Martyn certainly look as if they could be sisters. Eoin O'Flaherty and Des Early look as if they could be related too.
  • Typecasting: Bobby Calloway played Cornwall in another production of King Lear at the same time as this. He used the same audition for both and they were rehearsing out of the same building too.


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