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Trivia / Sailor Moon G: The Planetary Guardians

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  • Old Shame: The author doesn't like how Parts 1 and 2 have aged at all, especially as they were written after only having viewed VHS-released episodes of the DiC dub as some of the characters feel more Flanderized, outright out-of-character, and some things done more for shock value than telling a good story- most especially with Ami being fooled by an illusion of her friends turning on her when her overcoming such a thing was the plot of an anime episode. He plans to re-write those two from the ground up, re-edit the other parts to fit into the revised continuity, and hopefully complete the series from there- aiming to give both sides equal share and support, and not allow the Guardians to overshadow the importance of the Sailor Senshi.
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  • Write Who You Know: The original characters in the series are based on the author's circle of friends in high school.

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