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Trivia / Rose Petal Place

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  • The Cast Show Off: Marie Osmond voiced Rose Petal and did all her own singing.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • Although the two specials were released on VHS, it's unknown if they will receive DVD releases (they were not retained by Ruby-Spears and Kenner no longer exists). The books and record are similarly out of print. Real Friends is especially hard to find, as its tape is nowhere to be found online.
    • Cherry Blossom, Fuchsia, Sweet Violet, Marigold, Gladiola, and Canterbury Belle's dolls were never officially released, but their prototypes are occasionally found online for exorbitant prices.
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  • Prop Recycling: After the cancellation of the franchise and toys, the dolls' molds were reused for the Bubble Belles toyline.


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