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Trivia / Robot Wants Series

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  • All There in the Manual: The Updated Re-release canonizes the names of every enemy and boss throughout the series, along with the official soundtrack names, motivation behind the Robot's exploits (an original idea for Justice was that the Robot would learn, after four games of trying to find things that make it happy) that it had "a heart" all along.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • According to the director's commentary on Ice Cream, he had originally planned to create an installment called Robot Wants Bird based on fan demand, but eventually decided to pivot and make Ice Cream, which was originally intended as the Grand Finale of the series. The Puppy's role in Justice (flying around in a spaceship to pick up captured aliens once the Robot signals for pickup) could be a nod to this concept.
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    • Another unused idea for Justice (which was at least partially completed) would have been more akin to a stealth game with the Robot sneaking into a facility in order to find a heart. At the end of the game, the Robot (who has been searching for items and creatures to help make it happy) learns that it had a heart all along. The idea got far enough along that level designs and enemies were designed for it, but it was changed to the final version.


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