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  • Fan Nickname: The Meat, for the dirty jokes, perverted monologues and general zaniness that almost always show up at least once. Got its name from the end of the 370Z review:
    You just sat through two very calm reviews. Guess what? You just ate your vegetables, so next week COMES THE MEAT!
  • Missing Episode:
    • The Dodge Avenger review was made private in November 2018, due to Mr. Regular becoming more uncomfortable with some of the very edgy Meat in said review as time's gone by. There has been some talk of a re-recording with new jokes, but nothing's happened yet.
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    • In June 2019, Tale of the Dale, a documentary-type video regarding the scam that was the Dale three-wheeled car, was pulled after Roman (the narrator of RCR's "RCR Stories" documentary videos) discovered several factual errors in said video. The video was later remade and rereleased in October 2019 as The Tale of the Dale Revisted.
  • Technology Marches On: Discussed with the 911SC, when they spot a Honda Accord. The 911's owner points out that a modern V6 family car is faster than his car.

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