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Trivia / Redemption The Lone Lobster

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  • Outdated by Canon: Two examples so far that relate to DOOM Eternal (thought the author has confirmed he will not be trying to adapt that game into his story):
    • Prior to the start of the story, the Slayer single handedly hunted the Slaves of Doom to extinction and permanently killed the Icon of Sin. Eternal would reveal the Icon has Complete Immortality and, at best, can only be permanently incapacitated by having an Argent Blade implanted in its brain. That being said, it's entirely possible the Slayer could kill every other demon from Doom. However, The Ancient Gods Part I implies the Slayer could actually kill all demons from Doom if he killed the Dark Lord, which he proceeds to do in Part II.
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    • The Khan Maykr and the Seraphim are briefly shown talking with various other angels and imply the Slayer is part of their plans. Eternal reveals that the Khan Maykr actually chose to work with hell and the Seraphim defied her to turn Doomguy into the Doom Slayer.

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