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Trivia / Petpet Park

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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The game was shut down in 2014, and will remain lost media unless someone starts a revival project.
  • What Could Have Been: Several elements in the beta were either changed or removed in the publicly released version of the game.
    • All the NPCs in the game were originally Neopets.
    • The option of owning up to 4 Petpets was stated to be coming soon, but was never implemented.
    • There was a University in the beta. The only thing you could do was check people's high scores on the chalkboard, but if you talked to Professor Wallington, he would say that the University was closed for winter and that there would be courses in spring. There also was a separate tab for courses on your Petpet's profile. The university remained closed and Courses were replaced by Jobs.
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    • In the background of the Adopt a Petpet screen was a daycare where you could see Petpets playing together while they wait to be adopted.