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Trivia / My Sassy Girl

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  • Acting for Two: On the wall of the hotel that Gyeon-woo takes The Girl to early in the film there is an article about a set of quintuplets. It says "We raised the Eagle Brothers 5 (an unauthorized Korean sequel to Science Ninja Team Gatchaman)" - basically, it's talking about a couple that gave birth to quintuplets. Each of the five grown up quintuplets (played by the same actor) makes an appearance somewhere in the film:
    • The security guard at the subway where Gyeon-woo leaves the girl
    • The motel owner
    • The gangster boss in the jail
    • The subway control operator
    • The guard that orders Chinese food (his face is obscured because the actor was sick that day and they used another actor, but he is supposed to be the 5th brother)

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