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Trivia / My Name Is Nobody

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  • Reality Subtext: The story is about legendary cowboy Jack Beauregard ending his career in a blaze of glory before retiring. He is played by Henry Fonda in his last Western role. Of course, there's the subtext of an Italian-style Spaghetti Western hero (Terence Hill) supplanting a more traditional American gunfighter (Fonda).
  • Wag the Director: Exaggerated. Sergio Leone was the film's producer, and publicity material and press reports widely credited him as director, much to Tonino Valerii's dismay. Leone did direct a few scenes of the movie (the opening scene, the shootout with the Wild Bunch and some of the comedy scenes with Nobody), mostly when Valerii was busy shooting elsewhere or incapacitated with illness. Valerii didn't mind Leone's assistance; he did, however, have a rocky relationship with cinematographer Armando Nannuzzi, who frequently countermanded Valerii's direction, including giving Henry Fonda contrary orders while filming a key scene. Eventually, Valerii confronted the cinematographer, and Nannuzzi left the film midway through production.
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  • What Could Have Been: Originally intended as a comic Western adaptation of The Odyssey, but the script was heavily rewritten so none of this idea survived to the finished movie beyond the title (which echoes a line Odysseus says to the Cyclops).


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