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Trivia / Luis Fonsi

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  • Banned in China: In Malaysia, the national broadcaster stopped playing Luis Fonzi's "Despacito" (especially the English version featuring Justin Bieber) on its radio stations due to the lyrics containing suggestive context. Good news: Private-run radio still play the song, and YouTube is always available.
  • Career Resurrection: Luis Fonsi was mostly unheard of in the non-Spanish speaking before his global smash hit "Despacito", but he was a superstar back in the Latin world, especially in his native Puerto Rico. That being said, even there it proved to be a comeback hit for him, as by that point he had not had a major hit since the late 2000s.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • A full English version of "Despacito" was recorded (in order to break into the English-speaking market), but never released because of the success of the remix with Justin Bieber.
    • In this interview he discusses how he auditioned to be in the Boy Band Menudo at age 10, but was rejected because of his (at the time) poor English.

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