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Trivia / Lovestruck

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  • Missing Episode: The 2018 Pride month special was taken off the app at some point by the time the 2019 one came out, whereupon a new Pride section was made to contain the 2019 and 2017 specials.
  • Mutually Fictional: In several routes of Havenfall Is for Lovers, the protagonist and her love interest watch a drive-in movie version of Altea's route of Love & Legends. Meanwhile, in Saerys's third season of Love & Legends he and the heroine of that game watch a TV show based on Mackenzie's route of Havenfall. Though this is complicated by the fact that the L&L protagonist can encounter Vanessa when in Chicago in August's route, and the Havenfall protagonist can accidentally summon Saerys while attempting to summon JD in their route.

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