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  • Development Hell: Krosmaster Quest was originally going to be released in July 2014, but the main game designer had many family issues, pushing it back to December 2014, than to March 2015 and finally to May 2015... but it was ultimately released in August 2015 (July in Italy)
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The very first Krosmaster figures released were an exclusive for Wakfu Mag in France, and they were Remington Smisse and Maskemane (the latter is still not available as a regular Krosmaster, and his mold was recolored in purple and released as Viktor Don Voom in the actual first series), and first demo builds also featured Bill Tell and Darkness Knight. Not only they were bigger than the figures we know (and their bases were green instead of black), but also their stats suggested that in the first ideas the game was going to be played with regular dices instead of the special dices with symbols we know. This photo also shows a different design for character cards and what appears to be spell cards, replaced with Demonic Rewards in the final game.
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    • Instruction booklets that come with both the Duel Packs (Captain Amakna vs Merkator and King Nidas vs Queen of Thieves) show the character card for Missiz Freezz, a character whose figure was apparently going to be in the first Duel Pack but was replaced with Captain Amakna. She was finally released in Series 5, with a completely different moveset.
    • The first season 2 teaser pics featured some differences in designs: Chrissy Entrinch and Anne Gupp were switched around in the numeration, same for Ayan and Kivin. Ayan's hat had its colors switched (yellow with black crosses) and Ira Tayte and Harry Sah had their hair colors inverted.

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