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  • Game-Breaker:
    • Kitty Rage. That's it. She haves the ability to boost her attacks by self-damaging herself, and she can do that more than once in a turn. If Henual buffs her, she wil inflict 6 wounds to the unfortunate enemy (right, her long-range attack haves Pierces Armour too). And she is a common figure, so finding her is kinda easy. With no surprise, both her and Henual are between the first figures placed in the Limited list, thus making the above mentioned combo impossible to do.
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  • Junk Rare: Fraktor. He haves only close combat attacks, and even if he can deal 4 damage with a single attack it will expose him to enemy target. He is also the one who sets the Lethal Trap, which deals 7 damages when stepped on it but your enemy can just avoid it.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: When Dark Vlad was first revealed, reception was not that great. His main gimmick is damaging his teammates in order to inflict extra damage, and also deals damage to the whole team before the game even begins. Then Series 3 brought the Piwates: not only their main gimmick is that they recover a single wound everytime another allied Piwate gets 2 or more wounds in a single hit (slightly reducing the issue of Vlad's main power), but one of them, Buck Anear, haves the power of disabling Friendly Fire for the whole turn, so Dark Vlad can target his allies to get more power without the risk of killing them. Just play 1x of each Piwate plus Dark Vlad and the Queen of Tofus and you can deal up to 12 woundsnote  in a single turn. Except if Merkator is the opponent.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Merkator. To make it clear: He can either deal a 3 wounds punch with shovel area that also gives the opponent a -1 MP and then pushes him back from the target in order to save him from failing a Lock roll or deal two attacks that deal 1 wound each with Pierces armour, then heal himself. Once per game, he can inflict 5 wounds to himself in order to deal an extra wound with his attacks during that turn and start the next turn with +1 MP and +4 AP. Also, enemy attacks can't inflict him more than 3 wounds for each attack, and he also haves Resistance to air and water. Oh, and he haves 17 HP.
    • The recent Eternal Deck, which changed stats to many characters from Series 1, even made him worse: He haves 14 HP and lost both his elemental resistances, but from the other side his self-harming buff now inflicts only 3 wounds, his Initiative value was buffed from a sad 2 to 7, and the "can't suffer more than 3 wounds from a single attack" now is "can't suffer or heal more than 2 wounds from a single attack".

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