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  • Science Marches On:
    • Larry Niven sold "The Coldest Place" to Analog magazine, but its premise that Mercury was a Tidally Locked Planet was disproved prior to its publication. Niven offered to return the check, but the magazine decided to publish it anyway because at the time it was written, the story was scientifically accurate to the best of Niven's knowledge.
    • In the introduction to the Tales of Known Space anthology, Niven notes that Science was Marching On while he was writing:
      You may feel that Mars itself is changing as you read through the book. Right you are. ... If the space probes keep redesigning our planets, what can we do but write new stories?
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    • Any time Niven mentions Pluto, this happens. After "The Coldest Place" he had the spectacular exploding Pluto from World of Ptavvs, which he's stated he wished he could change if it weren't such an awesome scene and kinda necessary to the story.
    • The whole Pak/human connection became subject to this trope when the genetic relationship between primates and every other taxonomic group on Earth was decisively proven by molecular biology. Likewise, both molecular genetics and basic mycology refute the premise that all extant life descends from yeast.
    • Sirius is much too young to have been around in Kzanol's day, and furthermore Sirius A's habitable zone would bring Jinx's primary much too close to Sirius B's orbit. Destabilization would ensue.
  • Technology Marches On:
    • In the Kzinti story "Cathouse", the human protagonist has a pocket computer with a capacity of a whole 100 megabytes!
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    • Remember all that transplant surgery and organlegging? Here and now, a combination of 3D printing technology and stem cell research promises to make it possible to literally print cloned organs on demand within the next few years.
  • Torch the Franchise and Run: "Down In Flames" was intended to be this, had it ever been completed. Instead, Niven wrote Ringworld and rendered the prospective 'verse-ender obsolete.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Larry Niven Wiki covers Known Space.

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