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Trivia / In Old Arizona

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  • Blooper: Edmund Lowe, Mickey's actor, addresses a different character as "Little Rabbit", the Cisco Kid's nickname in one scene before catching himself and realizing his mistake. He snaps his fingers and plays it off as a moment of in-character forgetfulness but it's clearly a blooper that was left in the picture, especially odd given they could have just done another take of the scene.
  • The Other Marty: Raoul Walsh originally was set to star as The Cisco Kid as well as direct but a freak accident when he was scouting locations involving a jackrabbit smashing into the windshield of his car, with glass and rabbit both hitting him in the face, led to him losing an eye. Due to this, he was replaced by Buddy Roosevelt, who broke a leg before filming even started, and was finally replaced by Warner Baxter, who managed to stay in one piece long enough to get the film done. Film buffs claim you can still see Walsh in some long shots where he's riding the horse and his face is covered by the big hat the Kid wears.