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Literature / The One Who Started Fires

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Lieutenant Justin, 'Just', Creek is on the hunt for an arsonist, who has already killed over a hundred people. He may be surprised when he finally catches up, however...

"The One Who Started Fires", an online short story by E. G. Castle.

"The One Who Started Fires" contains examples of:

  • Burn the Witch!: What happens to the arsonist at the end. It’s even referred to as an auto-da-fé.
  • Donut Mess with a Cop: Early in, Just and his partner Jake share a few donuts.
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  • Man on Fire: This happens to Just at the end. Even when he tries to drop and roll it doesn’t help. The first time, anyway. However, that’s because the arsonist was controlling the flames and preventing them from going out. One the arsonist was gone, Just was able to put the fire out.
  • Meaningful Name: Just. Who is a police officer. Yeah…
  • Playing with Fire: The girl arsonist. She can make and control her fire, but is apparently not immune to it.
  • Pyromaniac: The title character, a young girl, sets hundreds of fires around town, apparently just for the enjoyment of it.
  • Self-Immolation: What the girl does, although not intentionally.


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