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Trivia / Heidi, Girl of the Alps

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  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": Aside from direct-to-video releases, The 3D animated series which the 1974 anime inspired can be viewed on Netflix in English language countries.
  • Pet Fad Starter: The dog Joseph in this adaptation boosted the popularity of St. Bernard dogs, which is especially bizarre since he doesn't appear in the original novel.
  • Recursive Adaptation. As previously mentioned, the CGI series is based on this anime series, which in turn is based on the book.
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  • Referenced by...: Gintama has an episode were Hasegawa is put to trial for peeping on girls with some alien tech binoculars and Gintoki pretends to be a lawyer in order defend him in court. If you now wonder why a Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney parody is doing here it is that each time they dig themselves deeper they imagine themselves as Heidi's animals, as she slowly drags them to hell with her. While the creators of the Heidi anime wasn't too fond of this, was the episode popular with people that liked Heidi in their childhoods.
  • Retroactive Recognition: In the original Japanese version, Heidi is voiced by Kazuko Sugiyama, who is perhaps better known as Jun the Swan from Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (which she had only done two years earlier.
    • In the Mexican Spanish version, she's voiced by Cristina Camargo, who Dragon Ball Z fans may know as the voice of Android 18.
    • Peter is voiced by Noriko Ohara, who, even in Japan, is best known as the voice of Nobita Nobi from the 1979 Doraemon series.
      • His Mexican Spanish voice Diana "Ad" Santos is the current voice of Minnie Mouse (according to The Other Wiki).
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    • Kohei Miyauchi (Heidi's grandfather) is perhaps better known as the original Japanese voice of Muten Roshi (AKA: the Turtle Hermit) from the original Dragon Ball series.
    • Miyoko Aso (Miss Rottenmeier) is perhaps best known in Japan as the original voice of Fune Isono in Sazae-san, Japan's longest running anime series.note 
  • The anime codified the concept of a butler as a Western-style personal assistant in Japanese popular culture. Hence why the go-to name for butlers in Japan is Sebastian.

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