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Trivia / Growlanser

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  • No Export for You: The U.S. has only gotten four games in the series so far: The Sense of Justice, The Dual Darkness, Heritage of War, and Wayfarer of Time. The former two were released by Working Designs under the name Growlanser Generations, while the third was released by Atlus USA. Atlus USA later released the PSP version of Wayfarer of Time. To date, no one has announced or discussed bringing over Growlanser I or VI (despite the former also getting a PSP port).
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  • Sequel First: People outside of Japan have gotten II, III, IV and V (and not in that order, either), but not I. Which is a very bad thing, because II and III spoil plot points from I, meaning that most people have no idea what's going on.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": The only time English-speaking gamers have gotten to play with Carmaine Fallsmyer on the team was in Sense of Justice... and Chaos Wars. The former is a sequel. The latter is a crossover.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Growlanser Wiki.

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