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Trivia / Emerald Twilight

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  • Executive Meddling:
    • The reason this story exists. Sales were falling on the Green Lantern title in 1994, and editorial felt that writer Gerard Jones' original pitch for Emerald Twilight wasn't going to bring in new readers. So they ditched it and plotted out their own story, intended to replace Hal Jordan permanently with "the last of the Green Lanterns", Kyle Rayner.
    • Ron Marz, the writer, was opposed to the dismantling of the Corps and the corruption of Jordan. Marz was also a novice writer being given his first big break, so he didn't object too loudly when he was overruled. When the comic's sales proved sufficient that he could raise the point again, Marz re-established the Corps.
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  • Follow the Leader: In addition to being tied to it, the idea of replacing a hero with a younger one was inspired by The Death of Superman.
  • What Could Have Been: The original version of Emerald Twilight would have seen a second group of Guardians appear, with Hal Jordan having to determine which group was genuine, and the Green Lantern Corps split by the crisis. In the end Hal would have quit the Corps after being powered up, and he would have been replaced with a newer, younger character. Ads soliciting this version of Emerald Twilight were in fact published, showing how last minute the changes really were.


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