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Trivia / Christian Muenzner

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  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: Just take a look at his band history. Yeah, he keeps pretty busy, and that's not even taking into account his teaching gig and various session appearances.
  • Black Sheep Hit: "Alter Magnitudes" is one of Alkaloid's most famous songs, but Christian (who wrote it) quickly grew to dislike it, and the band as a whole hated that the most stereotypically "tech" song on The Malkuth Grimoire wound up attracting the most attention, which led to a deliberate refusal to write anything that sounded remotely like it on Liquid Anatomy.
  • Creative Differences: He left Necrophagist because he was fed up with Muhammed Suicmez's autocratic behavior and felt like a glorified session player (he at least got to write his own solos, which is more than Hannes was given), and he left Paradox because he REALLY wasn't getting along with Charly Steinhauer. Played semi-straight with Obscura; in that case, he was afraid that heavy touring and having to play extremely demanding material every night could undo all of his progress with focal dystonia, and he left partly because he wasn't willing to leave anything to chance. On the other hand, he was also getting increasingly sick of Steffen Kummerer and saw an opportunity to leave when Hannes Grossmann decided that he had had enough as well. The two have since settled their differences, however, and Muenzner rejoined in 2020.
  • Old Shame: Not exactly fond of his time in Necrophagist due to a combination of his not getting along with Suicmez and what he felt was amateurish, wanky playing. He is proud of the fact that it got him noticed, however, but he's also apparently quite sick of people asking when the new Necrophagist album will be out despite the fact that he has repeatedly stated that he has no contact with Suicmez, Stefan Fimmers, or anyone else in the band.