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  • Breakout Hit: Burnout 3: Takedown turned Criterion Games from a relatively obscure developer of the RenderWare engine and games designed to showcase said engine into a household name.
  • Cut Song: Like the first two games, 3 originally had music composed for the game, but when Acclaim went bankrupt and the game was picked up by EA, Criterion used licensed tracks instead. However, these songs were incorporated into the soundtrack of Paradise. Also, a few are used in 3, such as for the start screen and car unlock.
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  • The Wiki Rule: Burnout Wiki, formerly called Burnopedia, The Definitive Burnout Encyclopedia. (The tagline's Not Hyperbole, by the way, it is actually pretty well put together.)
  • For trivia relating to Burnout Paradise, click here.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Going by the music selection in Paradise, Burnout 3 was originally going to have an original score similar to the first three games, but were eventually replaced with the EA Trax. The only remnants of this original score in the game itself are the title screen music and the new car unlock piece, named Ozone and Betty's Last Voyage (respectively) in their Burnout Paradise versions.
    • Similarly to the above, one of the tracks in Paradise listed for the original Burnout is called Tokyo Nights and has a strong asian flavour to it, suggesting a Far East track was originally in the works.


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