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Trivia / Britain's Got Talent

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  • Dueling Shows: When the Spanish version, Tienes talento was set to premiere on Cuatro in 2008, then-rival channel Telecinco (both Cuatro and Telecinco are now part of Mediaset España) countered with another talent show called Tú sí que vales, which was flat-out accused of plagiarism (in fact, the whole thing nearly got to court) by the Tienes talento crew. Eventually, Tienes talento ended its run on Cuatro after just one season, while Tú sí que vales totaled 17 editions on Telecinco until 2013.
    • This war is once again raging on, as Telecinco resurrected Tienes talento in 2015, now under the name Got Talent España, while Mediaset's rivals Atresmedia have acquired Tú sí que vales (now rebranded Tú sí que sí since the previous name belongs to Telecinco) for laSexta. The two shows actually faced off on January 24, 2017, with Got Talent curb-stomping Tú sí que sí (20.3% share rating vs 4.4%), prompting laSexta to move Tú sí que sí to Wednesday nights.
  • Name's the Same
    • In addition to the aforementioned David J. Watson, another David Watson auditioned in 2009, this time performing a singing act. Unfortunately, this David Watson was about as good at singing as the first one was at doing impressions. There was one difference between the two however, as David Watson the singer took his failure with good humour and said he still enjoyed the experience, while David Watson the impressionist (and later magician and Dancing Hulk) always seems genuinely shocked when no-one likes his acts.
    • In addition, there's the 2008 dancing auditionee David Williams who was far from pleased with Simon's comments, a different David Williams in 2007 playing the ashtray with a key, and the 2012 judge David Walliams (which is a stage name; his real name indeed being David Williams).
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