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Much like its Transatlantic Equivalent, there are a lot of moments that will make you laugh.

  • In general, most unsuccessful acts as well as the judges' reactions to them.
  • Mr. Methane: Whose act is him farting the song, Blue Danube.
  • Glenn Carpenter: A middle-aged ex-army driver whose act is a strip act with a chicken codpiece on. Unsurprisingly, he was buzzed off in short order.
    Simon: Glenn, what does the winner of this competition get?
  • Nigel Grimm: His 2008 audition was him singing a George Michaels song while wearing a freak mask. But in 2010, he returns featuring another failed auditionee, David J. Watson dressed as the hulk with a tutu bursting out of a box and parading around waving on the stage. Particularly, Amanda's response:
    Amanda: I'm sorry, what was that? (the audience laughs)
    David: The problem?
    Amanda: Well it was bloody awful.
    • And later on:
    Amanda: Do people know you've come out to do this today?
    David: Well, um...he's actually made up the script up but-
    Amanda: What script?!
    (the audience laughs)
    David: Listen but, I've actually put ideas to all this.
    Amanda and Piers: What ideas?!
  • Tracy Lee Collins: His first audition left the judges on both sides, but was still fun in its own right. Simon jokingly said he would fit better in a dress. He got his wish in the second audition. Simon looks utterly horrified and hits the buzzer as soon as he start singing.
  • In 2008, David J. Watson tried his hand at doing impressions of British politicians, and was mind-blowingly awful. He then takes a fake beard over his face and impersonates David Blunket, as Amanda cracks up.
    • And in 2011, he tried doing magic which was just a science demonstration of beer being more dense than water; during then he tells the audience that the trick IS safe to try at home.
  • The 2013 finals had ventriloquist, Steve Hewlett use a puppet version of Simon Cowell. He then brings up a puppet version of Sinitta.
  • Vladimir Georgievsky in 2015. A Slapstick cartoon character who somehow entered Real Life.
  • One of the auditionees in the 2016 season was the "Boogie Storm", a group of dancers dressed as storm troopers. When they did not respond to any of the judges' questions, Amanda Holden asked them, "Do you work for this dark lord?" while pointing at Simon, causing the audience to crack. Made doubly funny when the "dark lord" himself finally used his Golden Buzzer on their act.
    • Even better, watch Simon during the clip; he seems to genuinely like the act.
    • Even BETTER, they ended up performing at the wrap party for The Last Jedi.
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  • Aaron Marshall singing "Let It Go" from Frozen - In death metal style. Amanda was not pleased.
  • 2018 contestant Micky P Kerr performed a comedy song about a bag for life. When Simon didn't get the joke, Amanda explained to him what a bag for life was.
  • The first live semi-final of series 12 was briefly taken off air due to technical difficulties. When the show was back on air again, the first thing Simon said was, "Ant, you are coming back next year. You don't have to do that."

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