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Trivia / Aka to Blue

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  • No Port For You: Currently, there are no plans to port the game to consoles or PC. You'll have to play it on exA-Arcadia hardware, which does have an official global release along with the game itself but is exceedingly rare in public arcades outside of Japan and which is quite pricey if you want it for yourself (5000 SGD or about 3700 USD for the exA hardware + game software bundle, and that's before shipping and handling for what's basically a tailor-made, fully-built PC), or make do with the far cheaper smartphone version, which is balanced differently and does not support external controllers.
  • What Could Have Been: The game was considered for other platforms at first:
    • A Nintendo Switch port was in the works, but was ultimately canceled.
    • Steam was passed over because Steam is not very popular in Japan.
    • PlayStation 4 was passed over due to the costly development kits.

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