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Timeline / Star Wars: The Sith, Zero

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Note: Information acquired from Wookieepedia. If information is wrong, don't hesitate to fix it. If you want to add anything relitivent to this page, then go ahead.

A timeline of events that take place during this fic.

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Calendar for your convenience:

    Halkeginia Calender 
TS = The SummoningYAF = Years After the Founder
  • Timescale:
    8 days = 1 week
    4 weeks = 1 month
    32 days = 1 month
    384 days = 1 year
    12 months = 1 year
  • Days:
    Void, Eoh, Mann, Lagu, Eh, Ing, Oethel, Daeg
  • Months:
    Ger, Haegl, Tir, Feoh, Ur, Nyuui, Ansuz, Nyd, Rad, Ceb, Gyfu, Wynn
    Standard Galactic Calander 
BTC = Before Treaty of Coruscant
ATC = After Treaty of Coruscant
TS = The Summoning
  • Timescale:
    5 days = 1 week
    7 weeks = 1 month
    35 days = 1 month
    368 days = 1 year
    10 months + 3 festival weeks + 3 holidays = 1 year
  • Days:
    Primeday, Centaxday, Taungsday, Zhelladay, Benduday
  • Months are unavailable.



Familiar of Zero Timeline:

    Founders Era 
  • Brimir binds Sasha as Gandalfr.
  • Sasha forges Derflinger.
  • Brimir summons Eric and binds him as Windalfr.
  • Brimir works on Familiar Summoning Ritual and accidentally summons Aylimis and binds her as Myoznitnirn.
    Modern Era 
6226 YAF
  • Louise was born.
6242 YAF
  • Louise blows up a classroom in the Earth tower.
  • On the first day of Feoh, Louise participates in the Springtime Familiar Summoning, but the ritual is interrupted by an outside force which pulls Louise to the Galaxy. Marks day one of the Summoning.


Star Wars Timeline:

    Pre-Hyperspace War Era 
  • Tulak Hord hid a holocron away in Marka Ragnos' tomb.
  • Aylimis was summoned by Brimir.
  • Tulak Hord hid Khem Val away in Naga Sadow's tomb.
  • Ludo Kressh's tomb was built.
    Post-Hyperspace War Era 
  • Meetra Surik visited Lord Kressh's tomb.
    Modern Era 
9-8 BTC
  • Lyira was born.
  • Louise was pulled into the Galaxy by an unknown force and enslaved to the Sith Empire. All the Force-Users in the Galaxy feel a tremor in the Force, the Empire sends out agents to search for the cause. This marks Day one since the Summoning.
  • 2TS: Louise experiences her first taste of slave life and has a nightmare somehow teaching her the word 'Slave' in Galactic Standard Basic.
  • 3TS: Louise goes about her day much more cautiously. During dinner, she confronts Ren'vamor about the word slave only to learn that she is, in fact, a slave to the Sith Empire. She is electrocuted for causing a scene.
  • 12TS: Lord Juyn and his apprentice, Rayne, arrive on the slave planet (Eelu-3) looking for the 'Disturbance in the Force' and find Louise. Louise has many, many languages pumped into her brain by Lord Juyn. Louise is then invited to dine with the Sith.
  • 13TS: Louise is allowed time off in the mines to prepare for dinner with the Sith. She is given a nice pair of robes to go with them. During dinner, Louise is questioned about her origins but also learns much about the new galaxy she finds herself in.
  • 83TS: Eelu-3 is attacked by Pirates who kill Ren'vamor and plan on kidnapping Louise. The Force awakens within her and she fights back. The Pirates are killed by Louise, the Sith and the Imperials.
  • 87TS: Louise chooses to join the Sith. She is freed from slavery and begins her preliminary training.
  • 95TS: Louise leaves to Korriban aboard the Kryton and is added to the Imperial databanks.
  • 99TS: Lyira is picked up from Dromund Kaas to leave for Korriban under the wishes of her late Father.
  • 100TS: Lyira arrives on Korriban and is given her first trial.
    • Louise arrives on Korriban and meets her Overseer, Harkun. She is given her first trial: Meet with Lord Spindrall. She accepts the job of blowing up the K'lor'slug's nest in Ajunta Pall's tomb from Sargeant Cormun. Louise meets with Spindrall who tasks her with another trial, a 'Trial of Blood'. Louise completes the trial by killing 8 failed acolytes. Louise is given Spindrall's blessing.
    • Kory is killed by Harkun and Louise is given her second trial.
    • Louise and Lyira meet for the first time ending with Louise's clothing being ruined.
  • 101TS: Louise gets new clothes from Lyira. Louise meets Quorian Dorjis and interrogates Acolyte Alif. Lyira and Louise become amiable.
  • 102-108TS: Louise spends much of her time researching in the Library of the Academy.
    • Lyira finishs her second trial.
  • 109TS: Louise is pulled away from her research by Lyira before they are confronted by Ffon.
  • 156TS: Louise blows up the K'lor'slug nest with assistance from Lyira.
  • 164TS: Louise meditates on her runes, giving her visions of the past.
  • 170TS: Louise receives her third trial: Get the Holocron from Marka Ragnos' tomb. Louise sends a message to Juyn recounting her time as an Acolyte.
    • Niloc is declared dead.
  • 171-222TS: Juyn supplies Louise with information on Pyrokinesis and Louise studies it.
  • 223TS: Louise successfully generates fire. Lyira and Louise head off to the Lower Wilds of the Vally of the Dark Lords and meet Lord Renning who tasks them with acquiring a mutated Tukata's brain. They head off to Marka Ragnos' tomb where they fight insane soldiers and fallen Acolytes. Louise acquires a blaster pistol and unlocks the prison holding the holocron and Lyira fights off a Terentatek. They kill and dissect the mutant Tukata and recover its brain, giving it to Lord Renning.
    • Tremel disappears mysteriously.
  • 239TS: Louise and Lyira have a chat.
  • 240TS: Louise turns in her third trial and gets her fourth.
    • Louise and the Twins (Balek and Wydr) hold a funeral for Gerr who was killed by Ffon under orders from Harkun.
    • Louise is introduced to Holo Dramas.
  • 241TS: Louise meets Lord Kahn and completes her fourth trial.
    • She faces illusions of Harkun and Ffon, branded with the words 'Zero', watches her friends and family kill each other, kills an illusion of her sister, gets a lightsaber, fights an illusion of 'what could have been' and meets Ludo Kreesh.
  • 243TS: Louise recovers from the aftermath of her fourth trial. She threatens Harkun. She is given the lightsaber she found in the tomb of Ludo Kressh by Zash.
  • 243TS: Lyira finishes her fourth trial.
  • 304TS: Louise threatens Ffon.
    • Louise's birthday
  • 310TS: Louise receives her fifth trial. She goes to the second-floor training room to meet up with the instructor, but it is revealed that it was a trap set by Harkun. Vemrin fails to assassinate Louise and loses his life. Louise meets the Sith Battlemaster, Lord Umbris, who informs her that something is wrong with her lightsaber. Louise threatens Harkun and begins her training. Later, she informs Lyira of what befell her rival.
  • 311-379TS: Louise is trained in martial combat brutally.
    • Lyira finishes fifth and sixth trials, graduating, and spends her last day with Louise before giving Louise a kiss and flying off to Dromund Kaas.
    • Louise is praised for her aggressive fighting by Lord Umbris.
    • 368TS: One year has passed since she was summoned.
    • Louise meditates on the runes and sees a past vision of Brimir summoning Aylimis. Louise discovers the wonder and horror of the holonet.
10 ATC
  • 380TS: Louise receives and finishes her final trial, beating a Dashade, Khem Val, into an honour bond and torturing Ffon in the process. She graduates the Sith Academy where she is taken aboard the Black Talon and is forced to take control of the ship and capture an Imperial Defector by the name of 'the General'. Marks Louise's first meeting with Satele Shan and her first taste of war.
  • 381TS: Louise arrives on Dromund Kaas where she meets Darth Skotia and learns that she is to assassinate Darth Skotia. Her right hand reunites with Lyira's face. Lyira confesses her love to Louise, but Louise tells Lyira that she can't be in a relationship at the moment. Louise enters her apartment.
  • 382TS: Louise enters the Alchemist Hub and meets Darth Paracelsus who then gives her a box of datacards and a holocron to begin studying.
  • 383-387TS: Louise becomes engrossed in her studies of Sith Alchemy and begins to neglect her health.
  • 388TS: Lyira, at Khem's request, orders Louise to stop studying so hard and take a break. Louise realises her body has matured passed looking like a fourteen-year-old. Lyira plans on going shopping with Louise as a break from her work.
  • 389TS: Louise, Lyira, Vette, and Khem all go out shopping, buying Louise a new wardrobe of clothes and designing a Sith Outfit for her.
  • 390TS: After realising that she had neglected to learn from Lord Krillis, she organises a training session with the Sith Lord. Krillis tells Louise that she must train extra hard to keep up.
    • Afterwards, Louise reunites with Alif and meets his master, Darth Eda. Louise, Zash, Alif and Eda go back to Louise's appartment where they find the aftermath of a fight between Khem and an Assassin sent by Skotia.
    • Eda informs Louise about what's wrong with her lightsaber, and Louise fixes it.
  • 394TS: Louise receives her Sith Apparel.
  • 396TS: Louise begins learning blacksmithing.
  • 409TS: Louise is sent on a mission to acquire a sacred tablet from around the Unfinished Colossus.
    • Louise breaks into Darth Skotia's underground base and steals a Trandoshan Relic.
    • Louise reunites with Rayne and Lord Juyn
  • 410TS: Louise begins the next step in her Alchemy Training.
    • Rayne is granted the title of Lord by Lord Juyn.
  • 411TS: Louise and Lyira wake up sharing the same bed.
    • Louise begins her Advanced Training with her master and Lord Krillis.
  • 426TS: Louise acquires the Neutralizer, one step closer to assassinating Darth Skotia.
  • 428TS: Darth Paracelsus decides Louise is ready to forge a Sith Sword.
    • Louise is haunted by an illusion of her mother which taunts her into lashing out, inadvertently killing the slave ingredient to forge the Sith Sword.
    • Lyira tries to cheer Louise up over the slaves death, but it does little for her peace of mind.
  • 436TS: Louise assassinates Skotia.
    • The Eagle destroys the HHS Dominator and threatens the Empire.
    • Thanaton interrogates Louise over Skotia's Death.
    • Lord Zash is elevated to Darth Zash.
  • 438TS: Louise delves into the Dark Temple to find an artefact belonging to Tulak Hord and meets her ancestor, Lord Kallig.
    • Louise kisses Lyira, begining their romantic relationship.
    • Louise is given a Fury-Class Intereceptor which she names L'Inquisitor du Vide and sets off to Dxun.

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