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Characters / Star Wars: The Sith, Zero

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Note: All spoilers are unmarked.

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Main Characters:

    Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière 
"“If you ever call me that again, je te tuerai.”"Translation 
Louise, Chapter 10 Part II

The main character of the story. She begins as a second-year student at the Tristain Academy of Magic, but after a mishap during the Springtime Familiar Summoning, she is ripped from her world and flung into a galaxy far, far away, briefly becoming a slave before becoming an Apprentice of Lord Zash in the Sith Empire. Louise's hobbies include knitting and horseback riding; later, she develops a love for learning as the galaxy opened to her is an interesting place and because she cannot knit nor ride horseback.

  • Action Girl: She quickly develops this trope during her training as a Sith.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Downplayed. Louise was a violent Tsundere in the source material, here though, she activly kills people without much thought, and has even committed torture.
  • Make It Look Like an Accident: Louise had thoughts of doing this to Harkun once he tells her that she sent her rival off to complete a shared trial before she even arrived.
  • Oblivious to Love: Louise was completely oblivious to the hints Lyira was giving. Justified in that Louise is unfamiliar with Romance due to her social status on her homeworld.


Lyira is a Pureblood Sith who Louise's meets on her first day as an Acolyte of the Sith Empire.

  • Action Girl: As she is training in the Sith Warrior caste, she has to be a great fighter. Comes in handy when she helps Louise fight off a hoard of K'lor'slugs.
  • One Head Taller: Lyira is this to Louise as the former is taller than the latter.
  • Teacher's Pet: She's the favoured student of Overseer Tramel due to her Sisters training.

Companion Characters:


Louise: Khem, I forgot... what do you do to Force-users?
Khem Val: I consume them and spit out their bones.
Chapter 12

Khem Val, also known as Shadow Killer and the Devourer was the Dashade servant of the late great Dark Lord of the Sith, Tulak Hord. Hord had locked Khem in a stasis machine for an unknown reason, but due to the Dark Lords death, Khem was forever trapped inside. Thousands of years later,




Vette is a snarking, perky blue Twi'lek who joins Lyira on her travels after she helps the Pureblood finish her final trail, not that she has a choice. Caught looting one of the tombs, she was imprisoned in the Korriban Jails where she was routinely tortured for her playful personality.

  • Defiant to the End: Despite the constant threat of electrocution, she continues to poke fun at the Jailer and disobey his demands to keep quiet.

Secondary Characters:

    Lord Zash 
    Darth Skotia 
"Darth Skotia is not amused."
Darth Skotia, Chapter 13

Darth Skotia is a Cyborg Sith Lord who works in the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge under Darth Thanaton. He seems to have made it his personal goal in life to shut Lord Zash down at any opportunity.

  • Cyborg: More machine than man and dangerously powerful.
  • Third-Person Person: Darth Skotia likes to do this a lot. See character quote.
    Ffon Althe 
"Well, well, slave, it appears you didn’t die in Marka Ragnos’ tomb. How unfortunate. Tell me, did you get the holocron, or are we expecting a little light show today?"
Ffon Althe, Chapter 9

Ffon is a Sith Pureblood, groomed from birth to become a Sith. When he was enlisted into the Sith Academy, an Overseer, Harkun, took him under his wing, training him to become Lord Zash's apprentice. However, it would prove that the Overseers favour over Ffon would prove to be his demise at the hands of Louise.

  • Hidden Depths: Downplayed severely. While Ffon does act like a Jerkass, he thinks that he is in the right about it. In his mind, Louise talking to a Sith Pureblood, is actually a Slave accosting an innocent Sith.
  • Jerkass: Ffon thinks he is superior to slave-caste Sith and wastes no time in insulting them.
    Lord Umbris 
"Expressly. Against. The. Rules! Assassinating acolytes based on your preference will destroy the Order, particularly if your personal preference comes before merit."
Lord Umbris, Chapter 11

Lord Umbris is the Battlemaster and Instructor for the Sith Empire on Korriban.

    Lord Kahn 
Lord Kahn is an attractive Sith Lord who is also one of the leads for the Korriban Reclimation Service, whos job is to uncover and explore long forgotten tombs that they find as they search the Valley of the Dark Lords and the area around it.
    Lord Juyn 

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