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Fun fact: Rebecca Sugar actually has a timeline chart of Steven Universe (according to the art book), which she has revealed in the End of an Era after the show finished airing.

Here's the unofficial official TV Tropes timeline for Steven Universe.

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    Thousands of Years Ago 
  • On the Gem Homeworld, the immortal alien Gems, sentient gemstones with bodies made of hard light, are ruled by the Diamond Authority, made up of White, Yellow, Blue, and Pink Diamond, who create a cruel dictatorship with a strict caste system for each type of Gem. The various Quartzes are soldiers, Peridots are engineers, and Pearls are nothing more than slaves and considered mindless on their own. They also launch a massive military campaign to conquer other planets into their empire, wiping out all organic life on them.
  • Pink Diamond, the youngest and smallest of the four, is the only one to not have any planets of her own to rule, or any army, and instead spends her time holding balls where the Diamonds can congregate with their subjects and retain their goodwill.
  • Pink grows tired of her condescending treatment from the other Diamonds and angrily demands a planet and army from Yellow Diamond, who snaps back that she should act like she deserves them. ("Jungle Moon")
  • After Yellow and Blue Diamond deny Pink Diamond's demands for her own colony, she goes above them to ask White Diamond. White responds identically, and Pink throws a destructive fit, with her sonic powers accidentally damaging her Pearl. Because of the emotional damage, the crack on said Pearl's face remains even after her gemstone is repaired. White Diamond forcibly takes the damaged Pearl as her own, and soon gifts Pink a new one, reminding her "not to break this one". Pink is also given a Spinel as a playmate, and they spend time together in her garden, which is on an isolated asteroid. (Steven Universe: The Movie, "Volleyball")

6000 years ago

  • Pink Diamond is eventually given her desired colony, Earth, and receives the news while at her garden playing with Spinel. Having grown tired of Spinel, Pink prevents her from following by asking her to stand still until she returns. (Steven Universe: The Movie)
  • While watching the Amethysts emerge from the Prime Kindergarten, Pink laments that she wishes she could go down and get to know them. Her Pearl gives her the idea to go incognito as an Amethyst, which she does. She greets several Amethysts and watches the rest emerge, barring one. The Amethysts go off to work and Pearl quickly dissuades Pink from joining in by offering to show her more of Earth, which Pink accepts. Pink and Pearl spend some time on Earth's surface, where Pink begins to see the true beauty of Earth and its life. ("Now We're Only Falling Apart")
  • Realizing how much would be destroyed if the Earth was colonized, Pink attempts to convince the other Diamonds to spare the Earth, to no avail, though one of these attempts does result in the creation of the Human Zoo. With no other option, she then decides to use her Amethyst disguise to stop the colonization by force. Taking on the name "Rose Quartz" and with her Pearl posing as an ownerless renegade, the two become the Crystal Gems, and begin to attack various Gem locations to chase Homeworld away. ("Now We're Only Falling Apart")

5750 years ago

  • Blue Diamond comes to Earth to help with the colony. She soon calls on an aristocratic Sapphire, a Gem who can see the future, to predict the fate of the rebels. Guarded by three Rubies, Sapphire predicts that "Rose" and Pearl will attack and poof multiple Gems, including herself and two of her guards, before getting captured. "Rose" and Pearl arrive right on cue, and Sapphire's guards use the Gem ability of Fusion, combining their physical forms into one for greater power. The Crystal Gems slice their way through all their opponents and are about to take out Sapphire, all as she'd forseen, but the one Ruby that escaped Pearl's blade defies the vision and pushes Sapphire out of the way, causing them to accidentally Fuse into a whole new Gem. Everyone is shocked. Pink Diamond grabs Pearl, and the two quickly leave. The other Gems are outraged at two different types of Gem Fusing. For Fusing with a Sapphire and indirectly letting the rebels escape, Blue Diamond sentences Ruby to be shattered, but Sapphire grabs her and pulls them both down to the surface. The two slowly but surely grow closer during their time on Earth, and ultimately Fuse again. The new Fusion then runs into "Rose" and Pearl, and is convinced to join the Crystal Gems, electing to stay Fused permanently and take the name Garnet. ("The Answer")
  • Awestruck at this demonstration of something never before considered possible, "Rose" changes her goal from forcing the other Gems off Earth to making the planet a refuge for all Gems who want to escape the Diamonds' rule. She gathers more Gems to her cause, including a blacksmith Bismuth, a Crazy Lace Agate, a Biggs Jasper, and a Snowflake Obsidian. ("Now We're Only Falling Apart", "Bismuth")
  • Bismuth creates new weapons for all the Crystal Gems to augment their natural ones, including a sword for Rose that can instantly "poof" any Gem, destroying their hard light body and forcing them into their gem where they'll be helpless until they can reform, and in the meantime can be bubbled indefinitely. ("Bismuth")
  • During a raid on the new Beta Kindergarten, a Lapis Lazuli terraforming the area is stuck in the middle of a battle and poofed by Bismuth. She's mistaken for a Crystal Gem by Homeworld and imprisoned in a mirror before she can reform, unable to answer any of their questions. ("Same Old World")

5300 years ago

  • Bismuth wants to go further with her weapons, and creates the Breaking Point, which can shatter a Gem, something they can never recover from. Pink is horrified, not wanting anyone to die because of her ruse. Their argument over the weapon quickly turns into a fight, and Pink is forced to poof Bismuth, bubbling her away and later claiming to the other Crystal Gems to have lost track of her during a battle and being unable to find her again. ("Bismuth")
  • As the war drags on, more Gems emerge from the Beta Kindergarten, most of them being Off Color due to its rushed creation and improper setup. However, it does create a single Jasper who is the pinnacle of Quartz physical prowess, who becomes one of Homeworld's strongest soldiers. They also begin experiments with the shards of shattered Gems, forcing them into Fusions that end up as horrific amalgamations of body parts. The final experiment is the Cluster, millions of shards that will form a mutant large enough to destroy the Earth when it emerges. ("Beta", "When It Rains")
  • With the Diamonds still refusing to leave the Earth alone, Pink takes inspiration from Bismuth's idea and launches her most drastic effort, staging her own shattering by having her Pearl morph into Rose, after which she can live as Rose full time. She believes this will cause the other Diamonds to want nothing more from Earth as they don't really care about her. The Diamonds, however, are devastated and furious over her "death", and get revenge by launching an attack intended to kill every Gem on the planet, even any of their own unable to evacuate in time. But it ends up being even worse, inflicting every Gem it touches with Corruption, turning them into mindless monsters. The new Rose is only able to protect Pearl and Garnet with her shield. In the confusion of the evacuation, the mirror holding Lapis is dropped and stepped on, cracking her gem and leaving her helpless on the Galaxy Warp until Pearl finds her, with no idea there's a conscious Gem inside. ("A Single Pale Rose", "Your Mother and Mine", "Same Old World")
  • In the aftermath of the war, Yellow Diamond wants to destroy all Rose Quartzes, and all the humans in Pink's zoo. Blue convinces her to preserve them as a way to still have something of Pink's in existence, and instead the Roses are all permanently bubbled and put in a side room in the zoo. The humans are entered into a breeding program to continue their presence on the station, up to the present day. The perfect Jasper is sent to Yellow's court, while the remaining Gems from Earth's Kindergartens are sent to Blue's court and set up to run the Zoo, under the command of a high class Holly Blue Agate. ("That Will Be All")
  • In their grief over Pink, the other three Diamonds withdraw from Gem society and isolate themselves with their work. White takes it the hardest of all, hardly ever leaving her ship for millennia while Yellow and Blue struggle to get a scrap of praise from her by continuing their conquest. ("Legs From Here to Homeworld", "Familiar")
  • The last Amethyst from the Prime Kindergarten finally emerges ages after the war, her extended incubation causing her to be unusually small, though still just as strong as other Quartzes. After a while of living on her own there, Rose, Pearl, and Garnet find her and take her into the group. However, she begins to take their words about the Kindergarten personally, harboring deep insecurities about being made to destroy the Earth, not telling the others about any of it and leaving the feelings to fester. ("On the Run", "Too Far")
  • The four Crystal Gems spend millennia traveling the world, both together and separately, taking care of the Corrupted Gem monsters and bubbling them. Rose attempts to heal them multiple times, to no avail. ("Monster Reunion")

    Modern Era 

Unknown timeframe

  • One of Rose's lions dies, and she uses her Diamond abilities one last time to bring him back to life. The process also makes him very long-lived, with a pink hue to his whole body, a portal to an airless pocket dimension in his mane, and the ability to sonic roar and teleport. Rose stores some of her most prized possessions in the dimension, including the bubbled Bismuth, her sword, the rebellion's flag, and a mysterious treasure chest. ("Off Colours"/"Lars' Head", "Lion 3: Straight to Video")
  • The Crystal Gems settle down permanently in Beach City, constructing a Temple on the shore that includes different rooms for each of them, including one where they store all the bubbled Gems.

200 years ago

  • The less than competent explorer William Dewey and his first mate Buddy Buddwick arrive at the area where the Crystal Gems are currently living. Their ship is attacked by a Gem Monster, but they're saved by Obsidian, a fusion of all five Crystal Gems. After she carries the ship to shore, Dewey founds a new settlement on the spot, Beach City. ("Historical Friction")
  • Buddy sets out to make his own mark as an explorer, documenting several Gem structures like the Sea and Sky Spires and Pink Diamond's wrecked palanquin. He passes out during a trek in the desert and is rescued by Rose, who now has a pride of lions under her care. After realizing he hasn't actually discovered any of them first, Rose convinces him he can achieve fame by writing about his travels, and he returns to Beach City, ultimately founding a library in the town. ("Buddy's Book")

16 years ago

  • Gregory DeMayo drops out of college and cuts ties with his family over their disapproval of him wanting to be a musician. With his manager Marty, Greg legally changes his name to his stage name, Greg Universe, and the two hit the road to stardom. ("Gem Harvest", "Story for Steven")
  • Greg plays a set at Beach City on his way to the big leagues at Empire City, where Rose is the only one to show up. Greg is immediately smitten and follows her to the Temple, where he meets the other Crystal Gems. On the way to Empire City, he gets in an argument with Marty (who himself has unknowingly fathered an illegitimate son with local resident Vidalia), and decides to stay with Rose rather than keep pursuing his career. ("Story for Steven")
  • Pearl grows increasingly jealous as Rose's affection for Greg seems so much deeper than her past romances with humans, and eventually shows him their Fusion, Rainbow Quartz, to show him that he can't be as close to her as she is. Greg tries to Fuse with Rose himself, and when it doesn't work, they have a serious discussion about the difficulties of their relationship for the first time, bringing them closer together. ("We Need to Talk")
  • Greg spends a while busking and mooching off Vidalia, but a day babysitting Sour Cream makes him realize he needs to grow up himself, and he gets a job at a car wash, eventually owning it himself. ("Greg the Babysitter")
  • Rose puts the Mr. Universe shirt Greg gives her and a framed picture of her and Greg into Lion's mane. ("Lion 3: Straight to Video")

12 years ago

  • Rose's continued inability to fully understand humans drives her to want to have a baby with Greg. She decides to give up her hard-light form to become half of the child, allowing them to be half human and half gem, leaving only her gem behind. After becoming pregnant, she records two videos for her child depending on its gender, putting one in Lion's mane and the other in her old junk pile, where she left all traces of her life as Pink Diamond. ("Lion 3: Straight to Video", "Lion 4: Alternate Ending")
  • Greg and Rose's baby is born, a boy named Steven, who appears mostly human except for Rose’s gem in his navel, still turned inward so it actually being a diamond isn't clear. Greg and the three remaining Crystal Gems all struggle to adjust and figure out how to handle the change. After a few months, Steven's gem glows and the Crystal Gems take him away, thinking it means Rose can come back. None of their ideas work, and they're forced to accept the change is permanent and resolve to work together with Greg to raise him. They begin to build a house off the side of the Temple so Steven can live with the Gems. ("Three Gems and a Baby")
  • As Steven's childhood continues, Greg handles the usual issues of raising human children while the Crystal Gems introduce him to their lives fighting Gem monsters, though they remain vague about the full reasons behind it. Steven befriends several Beach City residents like donut shop employees Sadie and Lars, fry sellers Peedee and Ronaldo, and the Pizza family: Jenny, Kiki, Kofi, and Nanefua.
  • Lars and Ronaldo disturb a Corrupted Gem buried in the lighthouse above the Crystal Temple. Ronaldo takes a picture of it hitting Lars, and they have a falling out over Lars destroying the picture. ("Horror Club")

8 years ago

2 years ago

  • Sadie and Lars start working at the Big Donut, continuing long past the summer job they meant it to be. ("Joking Victim")

1 year ago

  • Steven sees Connie Maheswaran drop her glow bracelet at the Boardwalk Parade. Despite not knowing her yet, Steven decides to find her and return it, but Connie doesn't come to Beach City again any time soon, so Steven puts it in his freezer to keep it fresh. ("Bubble Buddies")

    Steven Universe 

1st year, Spring

  • Twelve-year-old Steven starts to become more curious about the true nature of what the Crystal Gems are doing, and his own part in it.
  • After seeing Steven's sadness over his favorite ice cream treat being discontinued, the Gems go out and get the last of it for him. Steven's happiness over the gesture causes him to summon his mother's shield, though he doesn't realize the cause, seeking out the other Gems for guidance on how they summon their weapons before coming to believe he can do it through eating Cookie Cats. During a battle against a Centipeetle, actually a Corrupted Nephrite, the ice cream doesn't work, so Steven instead chucks the mini fridge Sadie had given him at her, giving the Gems the opportunity to finish her off. ("Gem Glow")
  • With the Cluster about to emerge, a Peridot is assigned to monitor Earth and sends a Red Eye probe, which spots the Crystal Gems and moves to smash into Beach City. Steven enlists his father's help in retrieving Rose's Laser Light Cannon, which destroys the Red Eye. ("Laser Light Cannon")
  • Steven now wants to go on the Crystal Gems' missions more than ever, so they invite him along on the next one to save the Sea Spire, which is secretly a test as they think it will be an easy job. The Spire is in worse disrepair than they thought and the mission ends in failure, though they are still impressed with the ingenuity Steven showed throughout. ("Cheeseburger Backpack")
  • Steven wanders through the other Gems' rooms in the Temple for the first time, including the Burning Room where the bubbled monsters are kept. ("Together Breakfast")
  • Steven gets a crush on occasional Beach City resident Connie Maheswaran, and while attempting to get her attention, a piece of the Temple crumbles off, and Steven quickly pushes her out of the way, his drive to protect her unlocking an extension of his shield power; the ability to form a completely protective bubble around himself and anyone nearby... except Steven can't figure out how to get rid of it. After a few misadventures trying to pop it, the two end up at the bottom of the ocean, where Connie breaks down over the possibility of her dying with only her parents realizing it, lamenting that she never even made a single friend. Steven comforts Connie and offers to be her friend, which she accepts. The bubble then pops, and the two swim back to shore. ("Bubble Buddies")
  • During a mission in the desert, the lion that Rose brought back to life approaches Steven and ends up helping to contain the monster they were fighting, staying on in the house afterwards. ("Steven's Lion")
  • During one of their regular arguments, Pearl and Amethyst bring up their Fusion, Opal, introducing Steven to the idea. Their next mission ultimately requires them to Fuse again after a few false starts, and Steven is amazed to learn that he might be able to Fuse as well. ("Giant Woman")
  • Steven helps Lars form a friendship with the "Cool Kids" of Beach City: Sour Cream, Jenny, and the mayor's son, Buck Dewey. They run afoul of a spreading moss Rose planted, but Steven and Lars save them by bringing the moss to a mountaintop where it can bloom in the sunlight. ("Lars and the Cool Kids")
  • Pearl starts to give Steven fighting lessons, but is accidentally poofed by her training hologram, causing Steven to learn about the process. After an unusually long regeneration, she comes back with a new form. ("Steven the Sword Fighter")
  • Steven enlists Lion to take him and Connie to the movies, but Lion instead takes them to Rose's armory, where they end up activating a defense drone. Lion brings Rose's sword out of his mane to help defeat it, though Steven doesn't yet learn the full significance of this. ("Lion 2: The Movie")
  • Steven accidentally activates Rose's room in the Temple for the first time, and learns about its ability to manifest anything he asks for. ("Rose's Room")
  • The Crystal Gems head out to destroy an old Gem communication hub which has begun sending out dangerous TV signals, and Garnet decides to use her and Amethyst's Fusion, Sugilite, to destroy it. Unfortunately, their personalities are overpowered by Sugilite's, and she is forcefully defused by Pearl. ("Coach Steven")
  • During an especially dangerous mission, Garnet attempts to save Steven by bubbling him and sending him to the Burning Room. After getting out, Steven accidentally releases the Centipeetle, who reforms in a smaller and more controllable body. He insists on training her as a pet against the others' skepticism, and ultimately Centipeetle sacrifices herself to save him, causing Steven to make his own bubble to send her and a bag of Chaaps back to the Temple. ("Monster Buddies")
  • Amethyst's gem is cracked after she falls off a cliff, and she's taken to Rose's fountain to fix it, causing Steven to learn about his mother's healing tears. He's disappointed that he doesn’t seem to have the ability himself, but later shares a juice box with Connie that heals her eyes, causing him to realize he instead has healing spit. Connie simply removes the lenses from her glasses, not ready yet to tell her parents about any of the Gem business. ("An Indirect Kiss")

1st year, Summer and Fall

  • Steven asks Pearl to teach him more about the Gems' past, so she brings out the mirror Lapis is trapped in. Unlike the Crystal Gems, Steven talks back to the mirror, enabling Lapis to communicate with him and ultimately instruct him in how to free her, very much against the Crystal Gems' warnings. Lapis is furious at their keeping her imprisoned for so long and tells Steven not to trust them as she leaves. ("Mirror Gem")
  • Lapis is unable to form her typical water wings with her Gem cracked, and instead builds a tower out of the Earth's entire ocean in a desperate attempt to escape the planet. The group chases after her, and Lapis creates water clones of Steven and the Gems to fight them. After Lapis breaks Greg's leg, Steven once again summons his shield and disperses the clones, finally getting to talk to Lapis peacefully and heal her gem. She thanks him and flies off, and the ocean is restored. ("Ocean Gem")
  • Steven heals Greg's broken leg, but Greg, seeing a chance to spend more time with his son, lies that it didn't work, causing Steven to lose his confidence and his healing ability. ("House Guest")
  • The Crystal Gems check on the Galaxy Warp, finding that all the pads are still broken. Steven marks them all with stickers to keep track. ("Space Race")
  • Connie's parents insist on meeting Steven and his family. As she told them Steven has a nuclear family, all three Crystal Gems Fuse into Alexandrite for the dinner, though ultimately the truth comes out. Dr. and Mr. Maheswaran are upset by the deception, but still impressed at seeing Greg and the Crystal Gems disciplining Steven after he and Connie try to run away, and allow her to keep seeing him. Greg and the Gems ground Steven from TV for one thousand years as punishment. ("Fusion Cuisine")
  • Steven unlocks another of Rose's abilities, this one coming straight from Pink Diamond, as numerous watermelon seeds grow overnight after he spits them out, and come to life as copies of him. After the watermelons start attacking the Crystal Gems, and finally massacre a baby Watermelon Steven, Steven orders the melons to leave and think about what they've done. The Watermelon Stevens comply and disperse, with most of them ultimately settling on a nearby island. ("Watermelon Steven")
  • Lion sees Steven is despondent over how little he knows about his mother, and reveals the pocket dimension in his mane. Steven finds the video Rose made; due to him still being grounded from TV, he heads to the Big Donut to watch it, with Sadie watching as well. ("Lion 3: Straight to Video")
  • After numerous failed attempts to Fuse with the Crystal Gems, Steven talks about it with Connie, who shares that she's never felt comfortable dancing. They give it a try together, and end up as an unprecedented Fusion themselves, Amethyst excitedly naming them Stevonnie. ("Alone Together")
  • Steven accidentally sticks his head out of the warp stream while traveling back home, and sees a shape moving through another warp stream. The Crystal Gems don't believe him, but he eventually discovers the culprit is the Peridot who sent the Red Eye, who is repairing the warp to Homeworld with robotic Robonoids. After she warps back home, Garnet destroys the Homeworld Warp Pad for good to prevent another invasion. ("Warp Tour")
  • Steven learns about the Sea Spire mission being a test and is distraught that he failed, and insists he be given another one. The Crystal Gems each set up a chamber for him to make his way through, but he discovers the supposed danger is all fake and can't actually hurt him. While on his way to confront them about the deception, he instead overhears them worrying about how they still have no real idea what they're doing without Rose's guidance and are just winging it as best they can every day, and decides to pretend he never found out and enjoy their celebration of his victory. ("The Test")
  • After the Crystal Gems return from collecting the Robonoids Peridot left at the Galaxy Warp, Steven introduces them to a book he's been reading, The No Home Boys. Inspired by the book, Steven and Amethyst hit the road, hitching a ride from the Cool Kids before ultimately hopping on a train. Steven realizes life on the road isn't as glamorous as the book made it out to be, and tells Amethyst they should go home. Amethyst declines, saying that the Temple isn't her home. Steven then says that her home is Homeworld, which Amethyst also rejects. She then decides to bring him to her actual home, the Prime Kindergarten. While showing him around, Pearl arrives, and their ensuing argument over taking Steven there leads Amethyst to start fighting Pearl and finally voice all her resentment about thinking the others see her as a mistake. Pearl assures her that she and the others never thought that, and Amethyst finally starts to heal from it, her relationship with Pearl also starting to mend. ("On the Run")

1st year, Winter

  • Steven enlists Amethyst's help in cleaning out Greg's storage unit, where the two find and get caught up in their old favorite sitcom, Lil' Butler. While Steven is initially happy that the two are getting along, he starts to worry when they spend all their time watching the show, coming to a peak when they miss the New Year's Fireworks. Steven arrives just in time to see the two argue, Amethyst blaming Greg for taking Rose away from her before shapeshifting into Rose to mess with him. Steven yells at her to stop, and Amethyst runs off. Steven and Greg come to the storage unit the next day to find Amethyst had asked Garnet and Pearl to help her clean it out as an apology, and she gives Greg a new frame for an old photo of him and Rose. ("Maximum Capacity")

2nd year, Spring

  • Peridot starts sending larger Robonoids, and after the Gems destroy several of them, Steven suggests they follow the next one instead. This leads them to a control room beneath the Prime Kindergarten, where the Crystal Gems directly make contact with Peridot. After Steven lists off several Beach City residents while introducing himself, they vow to fight Homeworld's attempts to recolonize Earth, and destroy the control room. ("Marble Madness")
  • Lion finds the scabbard to Rose's sword on a battlefield, leading Pearl to show Steven her armory. She's surprised he already knows about it, and that turns to outrage when Steven pulls the sword out of Lion's mane, discovering that Rose kept some secrets even from her, the only one who knew that she was really Pink Diamond. She runs away to the spot where Pink told her about her plan, and is so upset that she can't bring herself to help Steven when he's almost killed following her. They make amends as Steven says he's impressed with her himself, and shows her the flag in Lion's mane. ("Rose's Scabbard")
  • The Wailing Stone the Gems retrieved begins going off, and the Crystal Gems can't stop it. With Greg's help, they're able to convert the signal into a message from Lapis that a Homeworld Gem is on her way to Earth, and knows Steven's name. ("The Message")
  • The Crystal Gems initially try to protect Steven from how scared they really are about Peridot and Homeworld coming back, but after helping Mayor Dewey calm down the citizens during a blackout caused by an attempt to shut down Gem weapons, he gets the courage to ask for the truth and they let him in fully. ("Political Power")
  • A Homeworld ship arrives, and while Steven is initially included in the town's evacuation, he soon decides to go back with Lion. He finds Opal attacking the ship, but everything is ineffective and it lands. Peridot comes out accompanied by the perfect Jasper from the Beta Kindergarten, who drags Lapis out too. Jasper is dismissive of the Crystal Gems at first, but when Steven protects them with Rose’s shield, she launches into the fight, first poofing Garnet with a Gem Destabilizer before headbutting Steven unconscious. ("The Return")
  • Steven wakes up on the ship in space, and finds that due to being part organic, the destabilizing force fields on the cells can't stop him. He meets the reformed Ruby and Sapphire, who Fuse again and reveal to him the truth about Garnet. While she fights off Jasper, Steven rescues Pearl and Amethyst and they take the bridge from Peridot, who escapes down to Earth. The ship crashes in front of the Temple, but Jasper comes back for more and even seems to convince Lapis to Fuse with her. However, Lapis quickly takes control of their Fusion, Malachite, wrapping her in water chains and dragging her to the bottom of the ocean to keep Jasper her prisoner. ("Jail Break")
  • Seeing Greg's horrified reaction, Steven decides to end his friendship with Connie to keep her from getting hurt. Connie protests, eventually chasing him through the remains of the Hand Ship to confront him. Steven finally tells Connie everything, and the two have a heart to heart, Connie reassuring that she wants to stay with him and be by his side no matter what comes their way. ("Full Disclosure")
  • The Cool Kids convince Steven to go on a night out with them to cool down after everything, where they soon find Peridot's escape pod. While originally just messing around with it, Steven accidentally traps himself inside, leading to the Gems almost killing him because they thought he was Peridot. While they initially chastise him for goofing around with such dangerous tech, the Cool Kids defend him, stating it was their idea and that they were just trying to have a little fun, and call out the Gems for being too hard on Steven. The Gems realize they may have been a bit too hard on him lately, and let slide, while also ungrounding him from TV. ("Joy Ride")
  • Amethyst gets poofed several times while hunting a Gem monster Steven named "The Slinker", every time rushing her new form so it comes out wrong. She’s finally able to settle on a stable new form after Steven figures out she just doesn't want to put serious thought toward herself. ("Reformed")
  • Connie starts training with Pearl on her sword fighting to be an equal partner with Steven. When Pearl takes things too far in encouraging her to throw her life on the line despite her inability to come back from it, Steven steps in and convinces both of them that he and Connie should be fighting together, and Pearl starts training him as well. ("Sworn to the Sword")
  • The Crystal Gems figure Peridot may try to restart the Kindergarten, and while they indeed find her there, she hasn't restarted it. While Peridot escapes, Steven and Garnet go back to the control room where they find the old Fusion experiments Peridot was checking up on. The horrified Garnet almost defuses before insisting that the experiments all need to be caught and bubbled. ("Keeping It Together")
  • Steven mentally connects with Lapis while dreaming, causing her to get distracted and briefly let Jasper take control of their Fusion before she can come back. She tells Steven to stop trying to help her, and he's left wondering how much longer she can keep control. ("Chille Tid")
  • Peridot repairs the communication hub to send a message to Yellow Diamond. With Sugilite unavailable, Pearl and Garnet Fuse into Sardonyx to take care of it. However, Pearl grows addicted to feeling Sardonyx gives her, and repeatedly repairs the hub herself so she can continue feeling it. Garnet is furious when she finds out, and demands Amethyst Fuse with her so they can destroy the hub and be done with it. ("Cry for Help")
  • Garnet goes on a trip with Steven and Greg to get away from Pearl, where Ruby and Sapphire get into an argument so splitting that they defuse. Ruby wants to be angry with Pearl, while Sapphire wants to forgive her and move on. Steven's attempts at helping just get him burned and frozen, and he finally snaps when Ruby smashes the table in the diner they were eating at, yelling at the two that home's been awful and he just wanted to have a nice time with Greg and Garnet, but it's been awful here, too. Ruby and Sapphire realize their arguing has hurt Steven and reconcile, they and Garnet coming to an agreement that while they will forgive Pearl eventually, they aren't ready to just yet. ("Keystone Motel")
  • After Onion steals Steven's Chaaps, Steven chases after him to find Vidalia's paintings of Amethyst. He brings her over, and Amethyst reunites with Vidalia, deciding to stay for a while and catch up. Steven grows more and more uncomfortable with Onion before getting fed up and wanting to leave... but after seeing Amethyst vent to Vidalia about Garnet and Pearl, decides to suck it up and endure the boy's shenanigans for a little longer, only to be surprised when Onion shows him his G.U.Y.S. and G.A.L.S. collection, and gives his Explorer Gal figure to Steven. ("Onion Friend")
  • Jamie enlists Steven's help in putting on a play about the founding of Beach City, but the two find that the script Mayor Dewey has written is unrealistic and portrays William Dewey as this unflappable captain who was always a success and could grow into a giant. Steven tells Pearl, who then writes a more historically accurate version that he and Jamie act in. Mayor Dewey's confusion and worry over the different play turns into relief when he notices the town enjoying it, with Buck saying this version of Captain Dewey is a lot more relatable. ("Historical Friction")
  • Pearl discovers that Peridot's escape pod can track her movements, but messes up the attempt to capture her in her over-eagerness to make up with Garnet. Peridot uses the plan to lure them to Nephrite's old crashed ship and its traps, and the danger forces Pearl and Garnet to air out all their issues and make up, forming Sardonyx again to escape. The Crystal Gems come their closest so far to catching Peridot, forcing her to detach one of her foot limb enhancers to escape. ("Friend Ship")
  • Steven gives Connie Rose's Sword, only for Dr. Maheswaran to take it away. Before she can punish Connie for having such a dangerous weapon, she's called back to the hospital, taking the sword with her. Steven and Connie go to retrieve it, but run afoul when some Gem Mutants that had been mistaken for car crash victims suddenly start attacking them, finally driving Connie to reveal the whole truth of her time with Steven so she can help fight them off, leading to a new understanding between her and her mother. ("Nightmare Hospital")

2nd year, Summer

  • Peridot kidnaps Steven in a last-ditch effort to fix the Homeworld Warp before the Cluster emerges. When his healing powers still don't work, the Crystal Gems arrive and successfully poof and bubble her at last, and Amethyst carelessly drops her limb enhancers into the ocean. Steven, however, wants to know more about what she was talking about, and frees her. Peridot attempts to escape before locking herself in the bathroom, forcing her into an uneasy truce. ("Catch and Release")
  • Peridot agrees to tell Steven alone about the Cluster and takes him to the Prime Kindergarten to show the reports on it, figuring his knowledge of the Earth will be enough to stop it. Steven tells her otherwise, and after the Crystal Gems save them from more experiments, Peridot agrees to fill them in. ("When It Rains")
  • Peridot's indoctrination in Homeworld’s dogma causes several uncomfortable moments as the Crystal Gems make a drill to get to the Cluster, working out of the DeMayo barn. First she treats Pearl like the slave they usually are, causing Steven to learn about it for the first time, until the others convince her that Pearl's determination to be more than that makes her admirable. ("Back to the Barn")
  • Steven and Amethyst accompany Peridot to the Prime Kindergarten to get a head for the drill, where Peridot reveals to Amethyst the true size she's supposed to be. Amethyst is greatly offended at being called "defective", and Peridot is made to see she needs to apologize. ("Too Far")
  • While the drill construction continues, Steven celebrates his fourteenth birthday and realizes he's aged little if any since he was eight. Garnet tells him how Ruby and Sapphire met. ("Steven's Birthday", "The Answer")
  • After the drill is finished, Pearl recommends they go to the Diamonds' base on the Moon to find the Cluster's location. Steven's Diamond authority unknowingly allows them to access the controls, revealing the full plan to hollow the planet out for a Gem colony. Peridot angers the Crystal Gems by still insisting it would be a good thing, and also covertly steals a private communicator allowing her to talk to the Diamonds directly. ("It Could've Been Great")
  • Peridot contacts Yellow Diamond to make her case that the life on Earth is worth protecting, but instead Yellow Diamond still insists on letting the Cluster emerge in revenge for Pink Diamond's supposed death. Peridot is furious at her belief in the Diamonds' ultimate wisdom being shattered and accidentally insults Yellow, forcibly joining her to the Crystal Gems permanently. ("Message Received")
  • Peridot hands Steven the tape recorder he had given her earlier, wanting it out of her sight and calling it "a chronologue of [her] descent into madness". Steven listens to her recordings, and finds that, among other things, she and Garnet had attempted to Fuse, and while Peridot backed out, Garnet was still proud of her for trying, and Peridot gained a better understanding of Garnet. ("Log Date 7 15 2")
  • Steven falls asleep and gets transported into the body of one of the living watermelons, who have formed a complete society on Mask Island. They're also preyed on by Malachite, who periodically emerges from the ocean, the Watermelon Stevens sacrificing one of themselves in an attempt to keep her at bay. The Crystal Gems form Alexandrite to fight her, and with Steven rallying them, the Watermelons charge into the battle to help, and Alexandrite is finally able to separate Lapis and Jasper, who are left unconscious. Lapis is brought back to the Barn, while Jasper falls into a crevasse as the Cluster finally starts to emerge. ("Super Watermelon Island")
  • Steven and Peridot take the drill down to the Cluster, where, after establishing a connection with them, tells the shards that their formation would destroy the Earth. They tell Steven that don't want to destroy the Earth, but they can't stop forming, so Steven helps them bubble each other, stopping the threat for good. ("Gem Drill")
  • Steven convinces Lapis to stay at the barn, but she refuses when it turns out Peridot is also staying there. After several attempts to convince her that Peridot has turned on Homeworld, she finally comes around when a Roaming Eye arrives and proves it's true. Lapis swats it down and the other Crystal Gems arrive as a Ruby emerges. ("Same Old World", "Barn Mates")
  • The ship holds a squad of five Rubies, that Steven later names Eyeball, Army, Navy, Leggy, and Doc, who it turns out are looking for Jasper, not Peridot. Steven tells them to look on Neptune, and they happily thank him for the tip. ("Hit the Diamond")
  • The Crystal Gems finally return home, and Steven's happiness to be back activates his mother's floating power. He eventually figures out how to use positive and negative emotions to control his falling speed. ("Steven Floats")
  • Marty returns to town and reveals he sold one of Greg's songs to a fast food restaurant, with Greg's share making him rich. ("Drop Beat Dad")
  • Greg's first use of his new money is a trip to Empire City, and Steven suggests bringing Pearl along. As he hoped, the two of them end up hashing out all their feelings about Rose and each other, at last burying the lingering resentment over the situation. ("Mr. Greg")
  • After being reminded of her lack of powers, Peridot reveals this to Steven and Amethyst. The two then try to help her shapeshift, but nothing works. Amethyst attempts to have a heart-to-heart with her and the two start arguing, leading Amethyst to throw Peridot's new tablet into the ocean, with Peridot's desperation to save it activating her ability to control metal. ("Too Short to Ride")
  • Steven finds that his healing power has returned, and he tries to fix Centipeetle. It only works halfway, and she soon starts reverting, but this time her mind stays intact and Steven helps her get back to her ship where the rest of her crew is waiting. ("Monster Reunion")
  • Steven and Greg take Lapis out on a boat to help her get comfortable with water again, where Jasper tracks them down. She begs Lapis to Fuse with her again, having become obsessed with the extra power, but Lapis refuses and fights her off. ("Alone at Sea")
  • Steven and Pearl take Connie along for her first official Gem mission, dealing with two monsters in the far north. It turns out Jasper is also there, and poofs both of them with her bare hands before simply showing off their gems and walking away, having started to build an army of Gem monsters in the Beta Kindergarten. ("Gem Hunt")
  • Jasper attacks Steven, Connie, and Amethyst at Beach City with the two monsters. Amethyst easily defeats one, but Jasper shrugs off all her attacks and poofs her. Steven and Connie Fuse, and Stevonnie together with Lion forces Jasper back into the ocean, swearing to return. Amethyst quickly reforms, and is dejected to realize she was no help at all. ("Crack the Whip")
  • Amethyst gets increasingly morose and angry over her defeat, until Steven challenges her to a fight to show how good she really is, which ends up unlocking a new ability to put spikes on his bubble. ("Steven vs. Amethyst")
  • Steven accidentally frees Bismuth and pulls her out of Lion's mane. Pearl and Garnet are overjoyed to see her again, and after getting caught up she takes them to her Forge and upgrades everyones' weapons. Everything is fine for the day, but a discussion between Bismuth and Steven at night leads her to show him the Breaking Point, and Steven reacts with the exact same words Rose used thousands of years ago. Believing Steven to have been yet another lie by Rose, she attacks him and he ultimately has to use Rose's sword to poof her, though he promises to tell the Crystal Gems the truth this time, causing Bismuth to say he's better than his mother. The Crystal Gems decide to keep her bubbled and solemnly place her in the Burning Room. ("Bismuth")
  • Peridot finds out about Amethyst's obsession with Jasper and takes her to the Beta Kindergarten, where they find Jasper and her captive army. Amethyst jumps into another fight, but Steven eventually talks her into letting him help, and they unexpectedly Fuse into Smoky Quartz. Smoky easily beats up Jasper until she tries to Fuse with one of the monsters, which quickly falls apart and even causes her to start becoming Corrupted herself. Steven attempts to heal her, but she rejects and starts ranting about Rose and what she did to Pink Diamond. Jasper fully Corrupts, and Peridot accidentally poofs her while trying to protect herself, Steven, and Amethyst. Amethyst bubbles her away. ("Beta"/"Earthlings")
  • Steven and Amethyst return to the barn to find the Ruby Squad has returned, furious at being lied to. Amethyst shapeshifts into Jasper to buy time, and they go to Pink Diamond's moon base, where Eyeball reveals she was one of the witnesses to Pink's "shattering". Pearl almost says the truth to everyone but is stopped by Pink's final order. The ruse eventually falls apart and the Rubies Fuse together, but are knocked into space by Sardonyx. In an attempt to save herself, Eyeball grabs onto Steven and pulls him out with her. ("Back to the Moon")
  • Steven saves himself with his bubble, and ends up floating through deep space along with Eyeball after bumping into her. After revealing his connection to Rose, Eyeball tries to kill him and he has to throw her out of the bubble. Shortly afterwards, the Crystal Gems show up in the Rubies' ship and save him. ("Bubbled")

2nd year, Fall

  • Connie accidentally hurts a classmate with her combat training, and her guilt endangers her ability to stay as Stevonnie. This also brings up Steven's ongoing guilt over Bismuth, Jasper, and Eyeball, and they almost die after falling off the Sky Arena, and both have to accept their guilty feelings so they can Fuse again and save themselves. ("Mindful Education")
  • Pearl meets a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Rose on her way to a rock concert, and ends up hitting it off and getting her phone number. ("Last One Out of Beach City")
  • Steven stays the night at the barn and finds that Peridot and Lapis have started a farm. After the two lament that their crops aren't going to come to life, Steven uses his spit on a pumpkin seed, creating a living pumpkin dog that Lapis and Peridot adopt as their pet.
  • Greg's cousin Andy comes back to town and meets the whole group, and while he's initially very resistant to such a big change, he and Steven bond as newfound family. ("Gem Harvest")

3rd year, Spring

  • Blue Diamond, still not knowing the Cluster has been neutralized, makes a last visit to Earth at the spot of Pink's palanquin. Due to the connection of their Gems, Steven starts seeing through her eyes in his dreams after she lands, and recognizes the spot from Buddy's journal. After getting Andy to fly them to the airport, Steven and Greg head to Korea and the palanquin. Greg reveals himself to keep Steven safe, and he and Blue Diamond bond over their shared loss, not knowing they're mourning the same person. Blue grabs Greg as she leaves, seeing it as saving a last piece of Pink's legacy as Steven is helpless to stop her. ("Steven's Dream")
  • The Crystal Gems use the Ruby Squad's ship to head to Pink's Human Zoo, the most likely place Blue would take Greg. Garnet defuses so they can pose as Homeworld Gems bringing Steven to the zoo, and Amethyst is separated when Holly Blue Agate insists she stay behind and guard the ship. Steven is sent into the zoo, where Greg reveals the descendants of the original prisoners are now blissfully ignorant of their situation, and happy to have all their needs met in captivity. ("Adventures in Light Distortion", "Gem Heist", "The Zoo")
  • Steven and Greg escape from the zoo and meet up with Amethyst, who reveals the other Quartzes are friendly and hate working for Holly Blue. They help the Crystal Gems get off the station and back to Earth while Holly Blue is unable to report anything, as it would reveal her own incompetence in letting it happen. ("That Will Be All")
  • Navy falls back to Earth, and says she wants to join the Crystal Gems. However, it's a trick to get the Ruby Squad's ship back, and she ends up warping away with it. ("Room for Ruby")
  • An Aquamarine arrives with a pair of Topazes to capture all the people Steven listed off to Peridot at their first meeting. When even Alexandrite is unable to beat them, Steven reveals that he's actually Rose, getting Aquamarine to take him instead, with Lars also getting stuck on the ship as it leaves after running from the fight. ("Doug Out", "The Good Lars", "Are You My Dad?"/"I Am My Mom")
  • Steven and Lars are held captive inside the Topazes' Fusion, where their discussion ends up moving Topaz to revolt... but after getting cornered, Aquamarine manages to exploit Topaz's fear of being separated, getting her to back down. The Topazes unfuse, and Steven and Lars are delivered to Homeworld. ("Stuck Together")
  • Steven is brought before Yellow and Blue Diamond for a trial, but the Zircon assigned as his defense ends up realizing the holes in the story of Pink Diamond's shattering, leading her to accuse the Diamonds. Yellow is so upset that she poofs both Zircons, and Steven and Lars escape in the chaos. ("The Trial")
  • Steven and Lars fall in with a group of Off Colors hiding in an old Kindergarten: a Rutile that split halfway into two minds, a Padparadscha Sapphire that can only see into the past, a Rhodonite Fusion of a Pearl and a Ruby, and a Fluorite Fusion of six unknown Gems. They're attacked by a group of Robonoids and Lars is killed in the fight, but Steven accidentally activates his mother's reviving power and brings him back just like Lion. Their hair portals also turn out to be connected, allowing for a return to Earth, but since Lars can't use it himself, the Off Colors decide to stay and help him survive on Homeworld. ("Off Colours"/"Lars' Head")
  • Connie is distressed over Steven giving himself up without a fight, but ends up angrily leaving after Steven fails to realize why she's so upset. Having also earned Lion's ire, the feline decides to stay with Connie after taking her home. ("Dewey Wins")
  • After the abduction, the people of Beach City finally lose all faith in Mayor Dewey and he agrees to step down, with Nanefua becoming the new mayor. Steven realizes Connie's problem with him after helping Mayor Dewey and calls to apologize, but Connie isn't picking up. ("Dewey Wins", "Gemcation")
  • After hearing that Steven is on the run from the Diamonds, Lapis is convinced they need to leave Earth. All of Steven and Peridot's efforts can't sway her, and she leaves with the entire barn while Peridot and Pumpkin move back into the Temple's bathroom. ("Raising the Barn")
  • Sadie is finally driven to quit her job after having to cover Lars' shifts, and joins Buck, Jenny, Sour Cream, and Steven as a rock band, eventually naming themselves Sadie Killer and the Suspects and getting Greg as their manager. ("Sadie Killer", "Lars of the Stars", "The Big Show")
  • Kevin invites Steven and Connie to a party to get Stevonnie to show up and skyrocket his popularity. The two are finally able to talk and make up, leaving on Lion and thanking Kevin for the party without Fusing into Stevonnie. Kevin angrily yells at them to come back and form Stevonnie. ("Kevin Party")
  • Steven and Connie go back through Lars' head, only to find he and the Off Colors have stolen a warship called the Sun Incinerator, with its owner Emerald out for revenge. During the battle, they Fuse into Stevonnie and end up being shot down over the same moon where Pink Diamond first demanded her own planet. ("Lars of the Stars")
  • Being in the same area causes Stevonnie to relive Pink's memories in their dreams, and they discover the Diamond control panel still works, and call Lars for a rescue. ("Jungle Moon")
  • Steven finds that Lapis has been staying in the Moon base, using its surveillance system to keep an eye on the Crystal Gems. After falling asleep there, he again experiences Pink's memories of the location, including Pearl approaching her with Rose's sword. Upon hearing about it, Lapis worries it means the Diamonds are on their way and runs off again, this time leaving the Barn on the Moon. ("Can't Go Back")
  • Steven finally confronts Pearl directly about what really happened to Pink, and she gets around Pink's last order by letting him inside her gem to see her memories for himself, revealing the whole deception and breaking the order. Amethyst and Garnet also find out at the same time when Steven repeats it, not realizing the two are standing right behind him. ("A Single Pale Rose")
  • Sapphire is furious at learning the truth, having trusted Rose so completely that she never once looked into it herself with her future vision in the thousands of years they were together, as well as Garnet's existence being based on her encouragement. After Pearl explains the whole story, she makes her amends with it, only to find that Ruby has left to figure things out for herself. ("Now We're Only Falling Apart")
  • Steven and Amethyst go to search for Ruby, and Amethyst, noticing that Steven is once again helping at the expense of himself, attempts to get him to take a break and deal with his feelings, only for Steven to turn the conversion to her feelings after she has a small outburst while trying to get him to talk. Amethyst quickly flies off after Jenny gives them an accidental tip, and Steven chases her down, leading her to declare that Steven doesn't need to take everything on himself, that none of them are responsible for what Rose did, and that she will not shove her problems onto him. Steven calls her the most mature Crystal Gem, and after a small talk, the two decide to continue the search for Ruby. ("What's Your Problem?")
  • Steven and Amethyst finally find Ruby, who had gone to Greg, and they all help her through figuring out who she is on her own after spending her entire life strongly attached to others. Ruby ends up deciding she and Sapphire should reunite because they want to rather than at Rose's suggestion, and proposes to her. ("The Question")
  • Sapphire solemnly states that so few of the Crystal Gems are left to enjoy their wedding, so Steven unbubbles Bismuth as an extra guest. Believing all the bubbled Gems to be Gems Rose had bubbled after they disagreed with her, Bismuth unbubbles Biggs, only to be frozen in terror when she reforms into a monster. Biggs attacks the two and Bismuth is forced to poof her. Steven explains everything and Bismuth becomes much more understanding... Though she then attempts to exile herself under the belief that the others wouldn't take her back after what she did. Steven gives her another talk, and Bismuth reintroduces herself and happily reunites with the team. ("Made of Honour")
  • Ruby and Sapphire's wedding goes off without a hitch, and they form into Garnet again. But during the reception Yellow and Blue Diamond arrive to reactivate the Cluster. Luckily, the Cluster has now formed its own identity and takes the Crystal Gems' side, fighting Yellow while Blue is left to go after the rest of the team. She fights off every attack they make, even with Lapis returning to help with her water powers, until the fight is interrupted by Yellow losing to the Cluster which destroys both their ships, stranding the Diamonds on Earth. Yellow stomps on Steven and knocks him into an astral plane where he's finally able to communicate directly into their minds and inform them of the truth about Pink, bringing the fight to an end. ("Reunited")
  • Yellow and Blue are surprised to learn about the Corruption when they'd intended to simply kill all the Gems on the surface, and together are able to temporarily fully uncorrupt Centipeetle, though she quickly reverts after Yellow and Blue lose focus. They decide that they'll need White Diamond's help to permanently uncorrupt everyone, the Diamonds and the Crystal Gems, Connie included, head to Homeworld in Pink's old ship. Lion stays behind, and Bismuth decides to stay as well, keeping Lapis ' and Peridot's gems safe with her until they reform. The group arrives and finds the planet has suffered major damage, but immediately upon landing Steven is abducted by White's Pearl, and White herself only briefly talks about how Pink's "game" is over before transporting him to Pink's old room. ("Legs From Here to Homeworld")
  • Steven talks with Yellow and Blue and learns about how close all the Diamonds once were. He's also allowed access to Pearl as one of Pink's "belongings", who tells him about the balls Pink used to throw. Steven decides to throw another one himself to try to turn Homeworld away from its destructive conquest, while Pearl smuggles in Garnet, Amethyst, and Connie inside her gem. ("Familiar")
  • The ball is a major disappointment as the various Gems all simply greet the Diamonds formally, and White doesn't even show up. Steven tries to liven it up by dancing with Connie, which proves disastrous as they accidentally fuse into Stevonnie to Yellow and Blue's outrage. Garnet and Opal are quickly formed in their defense but are quickly poofed by the Diamonds, along with another pair of Gems who were driven to make their own fusion as Jade, while Stevonnie is thrown into a dungeon. ("Together Alone")
  • Steven uses his astral projection further than ever before, managing to get all the way back to Earth and again possessing a Watermelon Steven. He manages to get off the island and inform Greg and Bismuth that they need help before going back. ("Escapism")
  • Steven finally manages to get through to Blue and Yellow by appealing to how mistreated they'd made Pink feel, and they join him in trying to convince White to also change. White refuses to listen, but the battle is soon joined by Bismuth and the reformed Peridot and Lapis in Blue and Yellow's repaired ships. Steven also brings the Crystal Gems back by fusing with them, not only forming Smoky Quartz but a new Rainbow Quartz with Pearl and Sunstone with Garnet. Finally, all five join together as Obsidian and meet White face to face. She takes over the Diamonds' and Crystal Gems' minds and rips Steven's gem out, but everyone is shocked as it forms not Pink but another Steven who declares Pink/Rose is truly gone forever and Steven is his own person, before they gleefully join again. This demonstration of how wrong she was causes White to turn off-color and agree to stop. The entire group returns to Earth, landing at the same time that Lars and the Off Colors finally arrive, and everyone is reunited. The Diamonds and Steven join together to reverse the corruption of every single Gem, including Jasper, who is quite embarrassed to discover the whole truth, before the Diamonds return to space. ("Change Your Mind")

    Steven Universe: The Movie and Steven Universe Future 
4th Year, Fall
  • Steven, having spent the last two years helping dismantle the Gem Empire, returns home after making a widespread broadcast announcing his intentions, turning down an offer from the Diamonds to stay. The broadcast reaches the long-abandoned garden of Pink Diamond's, where Spinel sees it and snaps upon realizing that she has waited alone for 6,000 years for nothing. She manages to acquire a giant injector and heads to Earth, intending to destroy it in revenge. Steven and the Crystal Gems are caught by surprise and rusty after two years of peace, and she temporarily weakens them with a rejuvenator weapon. Eventually, Steven manages to redeem Spinel and prevent the destruction of Earth, with her heading off to become a Replacement Goldfish for the Diamonds. (Steven Universe: The Movie)
Final Act
  • Steven decides to leave Beach City. Saying goodbye to his friends, girlfriend and family, he begins a new journey of self discovery in order to finally understand where he belongs in this new world.