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  • 1997: Donald is born in Denver, Colorado.
  • 2019: Wormhole was first identified by the LIGO facility in California. "48 years ago."
  • 2029: First A.I. passes Turing Test.
  • 2030's: Blight begins to devastate crops world-wide. Food prices skyrocket.
  • 2031/2032: Joseph Cooper is born in Denver, Colorado. Grows up during food riots and famine. Sees no baseball games as a kid. Erin Cooper is born to Donald and his unnamed wife.
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  • Late 2030's: Resource Wars begin. Nations fight over each other's farmland through invasions and bombing campaigns. Human population declines from mass starvation and violence.
  • 2040's: TARS, CASE, KIPP and PLEX are built and deployed during Resource Wars. Given to NASA as surplus equipment years later.
  • Early 2052: Tom is born in Lamar, Colorado.
  • February 10, 2056: Cooper is a test pilot for NASA. His Ranger crashes when crossing the Straits. Forced to retire and sent to "do his duty" in the fields.
  • 2057: Resource Wars end. Military forces are dissolved worldwide. Indian Air Force ceases to exist along with NASA. NASA, in secret, launches the Lazarus Missions–12 missions through the wormhole, one system has three planets: a water world, an ice world, and a desert world. Murph is born in Lamar, Colorado on June 28, 2056.
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  • August 14, 2059: An astronaut and companion PLEX for the Lazarus missions arrives at an unnamed planet with intense geological activity.
  • Around April 15, 2067: "Present day" in the film's first hour. The world continues to suffer from the blight, catastrophic famine and immense dust storms. NASA facility inside former NORAD HQ in Colorado. Cooper rejoins NASA, boards Endurance, launched toward Saturn. They enter hypersleep for 2 years to Saturn.
  • Around February 20, 2069-June 28, 2092 (about 3 hours on the planet): The Endurance reaches the wormhole and travels through it exiting on a system in orbit of Gargantua. It is decided to land on Miller's planet, the water world, first, Romilly states that every hour there will be seven years to the outside world due to Time Dilation. Rescue mission on the water world fails due to large waves, Doyle lost.
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  • 2070: Tom meets Lois and graduates high school second in his class.
  • 2070s/2080s: Lois and Tom are married. Jesse is born but soon dies of dust pneumonia. Donald passes away.
  • First half of 2086: "Coop" is born.
  • Around June 28, 2092: Cooper and Brand along with CASE return to Endurance to find Romilly, who reports that 23 years had passed since they left for Miller's planet. Murph works with Professor Brand at NASA. Cooper catches up on a cache of 23 years worth of video messages. Professor Brand confesses that his gravity equation could not be solved, leaving no possibility to save people on Earth. Murph is left feeling devastated and betrayed, but remains determined to solve Brand's equation. Romilly attempts access KIPP's data archive, but the robot detonates, and is killed in the explosion. Dr. Mann is killed in orbit when attempting to enter with the Endurance, destroying an engine pod. Brand and Cooper begin slingshot around Gargantua.
  • 2092-2156: Getty and Murph become romantically involved. Murph solves the gravity equation, which allows the stations to be launched from Earth's surface and into space. Cooper Station and hundreds of sister stations are launched from Earth and placed in orbit of various planets in-system. The Endurance mission crew is listed missing and presumed lost. Missions are being prepared to rescue surviving Lazarus astronauts and to explore other star systems through the wormhole. The Endurance's slingshot around Gargantua. TARS and Cooper fall into the black hole. TARS studies the singularity and collects the quantum data. Both enter the Tesseract's 5th dimensional space to relay the data to Murph.
  • 2130s: Tom dies in his eighties, more than two decades prior to Cooper's return.
  • 2154: Murph enters hypersleep at a station orbiting Earth.
  • 2155/2156: Brand and CASE land on Edmunds' Planet. They discover that Wolf Edmunds' Lazarus pod was crushed in a rock slide. They set up a camp and transmit their status to Earth, unsure if anyone is alive and listening. Murph is awoken and told that Cooper was found around Saturn, she arrives at Cooper Station two weeks later.
  • Late 2155/2156: Cooper and TARS are recovered by the Rangers near Saturn. Cooper awakens in a hospital bed inside Cooper Station, an O'Neill cylinder orbiting Saturn. The doctor informs Cooper that he's 124 years old. Cooper visits an elderly Murph on her death bed. She says that no parent should watch their child die, and tells him to go find Brand. Cooper and TARS steal a next-gen Ranger to reconnect with Brand and CASE on Edmunds.
  • Early 2156/2157: Cooper and TARS arrive on Edmunds, presumably.
  • Late 2150s: Manned and robotic missions travel through the wormhole.
  • 2160's: People living in Cooper Station travel across the wormhole to Edmunds' planet. First colony is established. Other stations follow suit.
  • 2180s/2190s: Edmunds colony supports a population of thousands due to Plan A and population bomb.

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