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All spoilers are unmarked.

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    Human Universe 


  • Unknown dates: The adult characters' meteors land; this includes Nanny, Grandpather, Bra, Momi, Dadd, Femorafreack, Barack Obana, the Big Man, and Swet Bro's mother.
  • Unknown dates: Hecka Jef's, Swet Bro's, and Germy's meteors land.
  • December 1, 1995: Jaed Hardly's meteor lands.
  • December 3, 1995: Dabe Stidrer's meteor lands.
  • December 4, 1995: Roze Lallonk's meteor lands.
  • April 13, 1996: Jhon Ebgret's meteor lands.
  • At unknown points in the past:
    • Jhon, Roze, Dabe, and Jaed become friends.
    • Dabe befriends Swet Bro and Hecka Jef and starts writing a comic about them.
  • ca. March 13, 2009:
    • Going by un-corrupted Rose's memory, Roze hears from Dabe for the last time.
    • Swet Bro and Hecka Jef take Dabe to Washington State so he can live with Jhon, his new daddy.
  • ca. April 12, 2009: Swet Bro and Hecka Jef travel to Washington again, to check on how Dabe is doing.
  • April 13, 2009:
    • Shortly before the story starts, the world turns to complete shit, according to Rose's memory. Presumably Roze Lallonk somehow turns into Rose Lalonde, either through un-corruption or through replacement.
    • Jhon is introduced.
    • Swet Bro climbs in to Jhon's window to say hello, but Jhon immediately kills him.
    • Hecka Jef, hiding in fear from Jhon, calls the police and later goes on an airplane back home.
    • Jhon goes outside and captchalogues his father's hand so he can get his copy of Sburb and his birthday presents.
    • Rose is introduced.
    • Jhon installs Sburb so he can play it with Rose, but deletes it and plays RollerCoaster Tycoon instead.
    • Jhon opens his presents, getting the original version of the plush rabbit from Dabe and the robot version of the rabbit from Jaed.
    • Femorafreack arrives at Jhon's house and starts investigating the blood scene.
    • Dadd bakes a cake out of Swet Bro's body parts.
    • On the airplane, Hecka Jef pesters Rose, asking her to play Sburb with him.
    • Jhon takes the Swet Bro cake, captchalogues the stray body parts, and consumes it.
    • Jaed is introduced.
    • Rose asks Jaed to play Sburb with her but she doesn't know what it is, and then tries to convince Jhon to play the game again by offering to go on a date with him. He declines because he has to deal with the police.
    • Realizing she is out of options, Rose installs Sburb to play with Hecka Jef.
    • Events of {s]every one; enter.
      • Jhon scares Femorafreack away using Jaed's bunny.
      • Jhon, Dabe, Dadd, and Jaed's bunny board the rollercoaster out into space.
      • Femorafreack follows them with the police car but isn't fast enough, and ends up landing on the airplane Hecka Jef is in.
      • Rose deploys devices in Hecka Jef's house.
      • Beq takes Jaed to the frog temple.
      • The airplane lands, as does Femorafreack's car. Femorafreack drives Hecka Jef to his house.
      • Femorafreack's car blasts through the wall in Hecka Jef's home and opens his cruxtruder.
      • Hecka Jef deploys devices in Rose's house. He drops Rose's grimoire on her cruxtruder, thereby opening it.
      • Germy prototypes himself into Hecka Jef's kernelsprite.
      • Hecka Jef prototypes the grimoire into Rose's kernelsprite, creating Bg'ogubglog'ybulsprite.
      • Momi makes Rose's cruxite bottle. She drinks from it and drops it.
      • Hecka Jef makes his cruxite basketball, and dunks it into the hoop.
      • Jhon, Dabe, and Dadd enter the game through a reckoning portal.
      • Jaed and Beq enter the game through a transportalizer to Prostit.
      • Rose and Hecka Jef enter the game.
  • In the future, WV is exiled and starts commanding Jhon.


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