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Tearjerker / X Japan

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  • Holy shit Art of Life. Oh dear god "Art of Life", basically the band's biggest tearjerker in history, even worse if you remember this is Yoshiki's autobiographical song regarding his life up to that point. Talk about being The Woobie...
  • "Unfinished" from Blue Blood, jesus...
    • It's even more sad when played over a montage of tearful fans at the end of The Last Live.
  • "Tears", just Tears. A song literally about Yoshiki's lament over the tragic suicide of his father. Makes it worse that it was played after the end of The Last Live, the final (at the time at least) show of X Japan.
    • Even more in dedication to Hide and Taiji...
  • "Forever Love", especially since it was the last song Toshi and Yoshiki played together at hide's funeral.
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  • The breakdown of Toshi and Yoshiki's friendship, to see the two biggest Heterosexual Life-Partners fall apart due to immense Sanity Slippage from Yoshiki's side and Toshi flat out suffering Artist Disillusionment and being corrupted by a cult made things go to a boil. It makes it worse when Toshi endured suffering from Home of the Heart and Yoshiki couldn't do anything until years later.
  • hide and later on Taiji's deaths. While hide's death was a tragic event, Taiji's death is more of a shocker and flat out saddening What Could Have Been, as Taiji was on a road to recovery...
  • "The Last Song", basically a closing for the band. Granted they did reunite but still...
  • We Are X has its moments, but any time Yoshiki shows a Break the Cutie moment, from when he talks about his father's death (an event he says changed his life forever), hide's death and his refusal to believe his friend (and arguable lover) committed suicide, and his lament over the passing of Taiji.
    • Speaking of Taiji, Yoshiki mentions his departure from the band, specifically, Yoshiki having to fire him. For what? He doesn't tell us.
      • In the Reddit Qand A here, Yoshiki clarified this and mentioned that Taiji broke a "band rule" and it can't be discussed outside the band. The issue was most likely drug-related, though again, no one can admit to that or discuss it in public.


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