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Tearjerker / X Company

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  • Harry's entire interaction with the pregnant woman in "Sixes and Sevens."
  • Aurora and Alfred's eye contact after Alfred is captured by the Germans at the end of "Into the Fire." Sinclair has told the team that Alfred can't be taken alive due to how much he knows. Aurora has the shot, Alfred sees that she has the shot and nods at her to kill him, and she can't do it. Both of them are teary eyed.
  • Aurora and Rene's last day together in "Sein und Schein."
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  • The ending of "Black Flag," where all the men of the French village are massacred by Faber and his men for something they didn't do.
  • The entirety of Tom's death, from Neil begging him not to die and asking him what to do, to Neil pulling himself together in an attempt to comfort Harry and get them off the beach, to Aurora and Alfred arriving back at the safe house and Neil breaking down again, telling them "you would have been so proud."
  • Miri's death, and Neil having to watch.
  • Everyone fleeing the train in "Promises," with the voiceovers of the men giving Alfred their stories to remember while so many people get killed, including Harry and Ben.
  • Aurora and Alfred both having really horrible days in "The Hunt," but Aurora shutting Alfred down when he wants to talk with her.
  • Sinclair's two brief scenes with his son William in "Friendly Fire," as well as his suicide at the end of the episode so that the Nazis won't torture William to make his father talk.

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