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Tearjerker / The Midnight Gospel

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  • In "Officers and Wolves", Annie tells Clancy about her late father's struggle with cancer.
  • In "Hunters Without a Home", Darryl tells Clancy about how he was attacked in prison and didn't have the option of seeking medical attention. Prison forced him to look within himself in order to cope with emotional and physical pain.
  • In "Annihilation of Joy", Bob's despair of his And I Must Scream scenario where he dies over and over again when trying to hopelessly escape from the prison. Of course it's made all the more cathartic when Bob does escape.
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  • In "Turtles of the Eclipse", Clancy talks about his father's illness and death. While in a hospice facility, his father vacillated between mental lucidity and confusion.
  • Episode 8, "Mouse of Silver", consists of Clancy and his mother, who's dying of cancer, discussing their memories of him as a baby as well as the cycle of life and death. The whole thing is naturally made of this, but this exchange in particular:
    Clancy: There's no way to stop the heartbreak. How do you... what do you do about that?
    Clancy's mother: You cry.
    • Especially heartbreaking since, for this episode, the show dispenses with the conceit of the real interview subjects being represented by fictional characters. The woman is not only a simulation of Clancy's mother, but of his voice actor Duncan's real mother.

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