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Tearjerker / Skip Beat!

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Kyoko crying means it's serious

The world of showbiz is not kind. And neither is their personal life.

  • Any flashback that shows Kyoko trying to interact with her mother.
  • A young Kyoko walking through the forest, calling out to Corn, who had suddenly left her.
  • Ren falling into a catatonic state after he almost gets into a car accident while shooting a scene.
  • Kyoko realizing that she's fallen in love with Ren. It isn't happiness or anger, but pure terror. She is scared of what might happen to her now, remembering all too well how foolish and gullible she was the last time she was in love.
    • And when Cain Heel ends up attracting an actress' affection because of a very minor interaction with her, Kyoko accidentally answers very un-Setsuka-like and claims she really isn't angry about this. Kyoko then thinks about how she's used to not admitting her feelings, even smiling at Shou after seeing him kiss another girl earlier, and her eyes are just sad.
  • Sanae Mogami stating on national television that she has no child.
    • Kyoko's reaction to hearing those words. She doesn't get angry, doesn't start to cry, or even seems to react at first. She just grabs Corn's stone and rushes out, heading straight into Shou. And she doesn't even have her grudge demons attack him. She's just standing there, getting more and more shut off to the world, with empty eyes.
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    • Shortly after, she sees Ren and, mistaking him for Corn, starts crying and walking up to him like a child would run up to her mother. It's heartbreaking to see Kyoko break down so badly. Even Ren is shocked for some time.
  • What has happened to Erika Koenji in the The Lotus in the Mire arc. Taking Kanae's words to heart, she started working on gaining roles based on nothing but her own acting skills, and even managed to get the role of Momiji in the titular work. Then Kimiko Morizumi shoves Erika into the street, who gets dragged along by a car for some time. Her physical injuries are mostly scratches, and some bumps and bruises, but her psychological trauma is so bad that she can't use her legs.
  • When Kyoko runs into Ren after a magazine published pictures of him kissing another actress - she just looks completely gutted before turning to full-on run away from him.


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