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Tearjerker / Path of Exile

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  • Some of Sin's dialogue in Act 9 just makes you feel sorry for him.
    • About Garukhan and Shakari (his wife and daughter, respectively):
    Sin: I weep for my poor Garukhan. Together we experienced the loftiest moments that this world could offer. [...] Like winds erode the sandstone, [she] has been warped by the same powers she enslaved. This is not my goddess that you shall slay. And if I continue to say it, I might very well come to believe it.
    Sin: It is not something I deign to speak of often, but this goddess, this creature, she was once the flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood. [...] Now you see how I must suffer for the sake of humanity, to lay mine own daughter upon the sacrificial altar.
    • ...and what he says when the player defeats them:
      Sin: My love... You were too beautiful for this ugly world. I shall find you in the next.
      Sin: Daughter! Rest, my child. Be free from the torments of immortality.
    • And then, there's why Sin really created the Beast:
      Sin: In truth, it was for Garukhan that I sowed the Dark Ember within the depths of Highgate. When love cannot be slain it must be laid down to sleep.
      Sin: [Shakari] built an army out here in these sweltering lands and would have conquered the very sky had not the Beast soothed her into peaceful oblivion. A babe once more sleeping in her cradle.
      • And all of it was ultimately for naught when the Beast became too dangerous to leave alive, necessitating their deaths anyway. And speaking of the Beast...
        Sin: It was never meant to transpire this way... My Beast was born to be a thing of beauty. A crowning jewel to rest upon humanity's head. I... I wanted to give your kind a chance for peace, a chance to play atop the great stage. No longer pawns to a pantheon of petty, slavering gods... It was only ever defending itself, the fault lies within the twisted hearts of those who would betray their own humanity. Not even I could anticipate the cataclysms my pet wrought on Wraeclast. Both Vaal and Eternal. Ruins in the pages of history. And the others... trailing back across the aeons. There is blood on my hands, exile, the innocent blood of millions, and try as I might, the stains just won't wash off.

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