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Tear Jerker / Foolish Mortals

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     Round 1 
  • The first victim and killer. Mulan had no intention of killing Karolina, but she couldn't find a way to fix her after accidentally hitting her with a knife. When faced with her actions, she chooses die honorably rather than lie and beg for too long. The whole affair devastates the cast.
  • Nothing good comes from going into the attic, and the cast finds out the hard way when Anna's corpse is found. Elsa is devastated for the rest of the week, and the characters are upset during the wake they hold later in the day.
  • The third investigation Lefou is found unconscious in the lobby, though he was feared to be dead. Then Sylvia's body is found with Wander's clinging onto her. Needless to say, many characters and players were upset with this development.
  • Ford and Lefou's reaction to finding both of their lovers murdered on the same day.
    • Followed not long with The Reveal of Jiminy's age catching up to him, to the point he was willing to kill himself just to avoid forgetting about anyone else.
     Round 2 
  • Case 3 was conceived as a Greek Tragedy, and boy does it show!
  • From the intermission, Walt's death. His Last Conversation with Rod following it, too.
     Round 3 
  • Case 2. Oh god, Case 2. Accidental murder? Check. Child victim and culprit? Check. A third of the cast trying to sacrifice themselves to stop the execution and failing? Check.
  • Case 3, which involves another child culprit (Pinocchio), and one who was manipulated into it to boot. To make matters worse, the manipulator gets away with it.
  • Case 4, in which four bodies show up and the culprit is Kimberly, who only killed because the Pink Elephants caused her to think she was fighting for her life. Worse, she didn't even know she was the killer until midway through the trial, at which point she tries to help everyone piece together what happened. No one is particularly happy when it comes time for the execution. Not even Randall.
  • In the last case, Allene's internal monologue gets really personal, especially regarding her feelings for Jyn and everyone remaining.

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