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Tearjerker / Daughters of the Moon

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  • There's so much during The Final Eclipse:
    • This moment, not long after Catty dies, Vanessa uses her powers for one last time and flies over the ocean:
    Without warning, an air current whizzed past her. She bobbed in its wake and looked around. The stream of air returned and whooshed around her again and again until she was spinning.

    “Catty?” Vanessa asked, expecting to hear her friend laugh.

    The first time she had made Catty invisible, Catty had zoomed about the backyard, swooping down on Vanessa and buzzing over her head.

    Vanessa couldn’t see Catty at the moment, but then, she reasoned, no one standing on the shore could see Vanessa, either, and yet she was definitely there. Her spirits soared. She spun around and chased after the air current, but whatever had been there was gone…

    • What Vanessa tells Jimena right before she makes her decision. Especially sad considering how she originally started out as frightened and had no control over her abilities.
    Tell the new Daughters to use their gifts and enjoy them, because the time passes too quickly, and it’s gone before you have a chance to realize how precious each moment is.

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