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Tear Jerker / The War of the Worlds

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  • The final stand of HMS Thunder Child. Witnessing a steamer full of civilians about to be destroyed by the Martians, the crew of the ship torpedeoes two of the Martian tripods before being sunk by a Martian heat ray. The crew, facing certain death at the hands of the Martians, decided to make a Heroic Sacrifice in order to save the non-combatants trying to escape. The steamer gets away, but the entire crew of Thunder Child perishes. The scene is doubly tearjerking because it also marks the loss of all hope for humanity, and the Martians' final victory over the human race.

1953 Film

  • You can call Uncle Matthew a naïve idiot for approaching the Martian war machines in a misguided attempt to communicate with them, but it remains that he was a kind, generous, and sympathetic pastor who did not deserve to be callously murdered by the Martians. Little wonder, then, that the commander so furiously commands his troops to "Let 'em have it!" immediately afterwards.
    • The death of the commander himself and probably all of his men shortly after is just as heartbreaking as they are all hit by the Martian's Disintegrator Ray.
  • Dr. Forrester's grief and bitterness after the looters raid his truck and throw away his research equipment, the very things that might have saved humanity. All in the selfish desire to save themselves at the expense of others.
    Dr. Forrester: They sliced their own throats!


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