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"Come on, Thunder Child!"
  • The last stand of HMS Thunder Child. To summarize, as a horde of people are shoving and pushing to escape to safety on a steamer, Tripods bearing down and ready to slaughter them all. Out of nowhere, the Thunder Child roars into life and charges straight at the Tripods, bringing down two down with torpedo tubes and heavy guns. This earns it a barrage of heat rays, and it just keeps going, trying to ram a third and take that one down as well, before succumbing and vanishing under the waves, saving everyone on the steamer. This from the Jeff Wayne musical really sums up how freaking awesome this whole bit is.
    • The scene is so awesome, it adorns the cover of the Jeff Wayne version.
    • One thing in the novels most adaptations forgot: the Thunder Child was antiquated. It's described as a torpedo ram, a ship made to fight mainly by ramming while firing torpedoes during approachnote  whose concept was being abandoned by the end of the 19th century... And this antiquated warship took out three tripods before sinking.
  • What ultimately ends up helping defeat the aliens in the end? Microbes and germs that the aliens don't have built up immunity and resistances compared to humans and the rest of the living beings who were born and raised on Earth. It goes to show in the end Mother Nature would always find a win or at least fight back with vengeance.

1898 Novel

  • First time the humans takes down a tripod. Five Martian tripods attacks the town of Shepperton, there the British Army has put up defense lines with their artillery, and one of them goes near the river harbour, there a massive gathering of refugees was waiting for ships to take them away from the battlefield, and it seems that it's about to unleash its ray gun at the people when the artillery hits it right on and turn it into Swiss cheese. Cue massive cheers from the protagonist and every human around him. Thought the cheerfulness disappears as soon it comes when the other Martians does a Roaring Rampage of Revenge on the humans, but their loss was enough to give the British Army time to prepare itself for future attacks.

1953 Film

  • The war machines! They're totally indestructible, and even an atomic bomb fails to put so much as a scratch on them. The ship design may be a bit dated today, but you can't help being impressed.
    • The first battle is especially impressive. The order to fire is given and the war machines are standing imperiously, even indifferently, as all the bombs and bullets bounce off their force fields. Even the heat ray "heads" sway back and forth casually, as though the war machines were scanning the puny Earthling forces with contempt. "Oh, this is all you've got?" they seem to say, right before they unleash their own devastating weapons.

2005 Film


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