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Tear Jerker / The Middle

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  • In episode 5, Axl ends up locked in his college's library on Halloween night. He eventually breaks down and confesses to a bust that he has no idea what he is doing in college or where he is heading in life. Something many young adults in college can relate to.
  • In episode 8, Mike is forced to go with Sue on her college tours and encounters another father and daughter pair who are tied at the hip. Mike eventually asks her if he should have been a more affectionate father like the other dad. Sue says no and proceeds to list every reason why he's such a great dad, it's sweet enough to almost bring Mike to tears.
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  • At the end of the Valentine's Day episode, Darrin asks for Sue's hand in marriage. She originally says yes, but at the end of the next episode Sue realizes that there's still more she wants to do before settling down and breaks off the engagement. Simultaneously ending their relationship.
  • The last episode of season 6. Triples as a Heartwarming Moment and Moment of Awesome. After having a terrible final week of school (she loses her yearbook which also had her name wrong, finds out she won't win any school accomplishments, and her graduation cap and gown are the wrong size), Sue is outright forced to attend her graduation by being carried out of the house because she is certain nobody will notice her missing nor will they remember her afterwards. She's completely proven wrong as her yearbook is returned to her by classmates surrounding her, filled with signatures of the entire graduating class thanking her for the little moments and wishing her well.
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  • "Thanksgiving VIII": Axl's response to Frankie telling him how much she disapproves of his relationship with April. In addition to not wanting to see or talk to her again for a while, he's more disappointed initially than he is angry. In fact, on a meta level, there's the subtly that he knows April's wrong for him and he's just too afraid or prideful to admit it because he believes Lexie, the girl he actually wants to be with, would reject him and he'd be forced to face the reality of the situation.
  • In the season 8 finale, Axl is offered by Kenny to come with him on a three-month trip in Europe. Mike is against it since this is Axl's last summer before having his own apartment, job, and life. He just wanted him for one last summer.
    Mike: (looking downright distraught) ...Europe's far. It's, just... ...far...
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  • "A Heck of a Ride": Crossed with Heartwarming: Axl and Lexie's goodbye at the farewell outside the house has Lexie telling Axl she’ll come to Denver to see him in July. She does so while crying and implies she’s been doing nothing but that since finding out he was taking the job.


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