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There will be a crossover with The Goldbergs
Axel will screw up badly and trick Brick into reading a ton of physics and engineering books, then get him to build a time machine. Brick will screw up due to lazy designing and they will get sent to the '80s.
Sue's going to be the most successful of the three
Y'know how Karma's a bitch, right? Well, it works the other way around when you're pretty much the biggest Chew Toy ever.
  • And then in college she will run into Malcolm. After realizing they are Opposite Sex Clones they will join forces to fight crime.
    • That would be an awesome TV show.
The whole series is actually a TV show created by... adult Dewey. In order to cope with the insanity of his childhood, he decided to create a whole series based around it. Of course, he changed a few things like the names (he even wrote a daughter in!) as not to embarass his real family.

Brick is autistic.
He does seem to manifest some of the characteristic signs of Asperger's syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism.

After Brad finally realizes he's gay
Sue will gladly become his
Fag Hag slash BFF.

Brad is Camp Straight, but straight nonetheless
Because not everyone who's camp with feminine interests is gay. Plus, he's never shown any attraction to males in the show, and has dated more than one girl. He's just a very extreme Camp Straight
  • Jossed by the season 7 episode "Risky Business".

Dewey and his youngest brother had created The Middle

Dewey and Jamie bonded their minds just as the series was over, entering a polar opposite of both family and friends. Dewey developed into Brick while Jamie matured into Axl. Reese's prank was a mark elaborated by Dewey and Jamie to choose who exists in this new universe. Sue is Lois as a child who's actually happy. Mike the perfected version of Hal. Frances is a younger Aida, a perpetually young woman chosen to happen because of Aida's attempt to rescue Dewey.

Zach Braff will appear as Mike's nemesis.
He'll be an immature, obnoxious rival construction site owner. Why? Because both Doris Roberts and Ray Romano have appeared in Actor Allusion cameos for Patricia Heaton. It'd be funny if Neil Flynn got the same.
  • Seriously! This has got to happen!
    • Even better, have Mike moved to the night shift and get tortured by the night Janitor, played by Zach Braff

The Glossners are how the rest of their neighbours see Malcolm's family
Sons terrorise at will? Check. Social pariahs? Check. Mother often hostile? Check! Their ages are even roughly representative of Malcolm and his brothers, minus Francis but with Jamie. Of course, they're not really that bad, but they're still as rightly feared.

Axl's '75 Ford Torino used to be Starsky & Hutch's car.
It could've been repainted blue, possibly sometime in the early '80s which would've left plenty of time for the blue to deteriorate.

Brick deliberately plays up his Verbal Tic.
Somehow, Brick's big brain gave him psychic/telepathic powers (90% of Your Brain illogical-ness aside) and he learned, from listening in on his parents' thoughts, that he was accidentally switched into the wrong family for a few weeks. Ever since then, he has lost his ability to trust anyone, and he therefore finds himself unwilling to form any social relationships with anyone, preferring the sheer escapism of books. In an effort to drive people away, he started repeating the last words he said, so people will want to leave him alone. note  Just watch him with his new tic in "Bunny Therapy" note  and tell me it doesn't look like he's doing it on purpose to dick around with everyone. It also has the added bonus of making his parents wonder what they did wrong with him...and then they remember, thus they are guilted forever. Brick, you are an evil genius.

Alternativelly, Brick is a voyager witch and his verbal tic plays an important role when travelling fragments
He is an unimeko!witch or he's used as a piece by a witch (much like the way Bernkastel and Erika Furudo are related) and his verbal tic functions similarly to a savestate on a videogame note  so if something goes REALLY wrong he can just go back to that point instead going to a different fragment entirelly. At one point Mike outright told him to repress his "tic" and the moment he couldn't hold it anymore he did it a lot of times in a row claiming to be stuck, but that was his unconsicious mind (or the witch using him as a piece) desperatelly using savestates after a meta form of CheckPointStarvation. During the "Bunny Therapy" episode his new verbal ticnote  was him trying a new utility spell (like Maria's Uuu sound was meant to be a spell to summon happiness).His abuse on his "verbal tic" as a savestate spell may be the reason he's a bit of a karma houdini.And he's weird because... Lets face it, all witches are weird one way or another.

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