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Tear Jerker / The Lion King

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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

The stage musical

  • Although a great deal of The Lion King is deeply emotional and affecting (as is the film it was based on), there's one particular addition not in the movie: The solo number performed by Simba, "Endless Night". In particular, the lines: "You promised you'd be there/Whenever I needed you/Whenever I call your name/You're not anywhere/I'm trying to hold on/Just waiting to hear your voice/One word, just a word will do/To end this nightmare." Also, the earlier lines "Sleepless, I dream of the day/When you were by my side/Guiding my path/Father, I can't find the way." By the time the end of the song comes, Simba sings such a stirring, heartfelt testimonial to hope for the future, but the way the song uses actual lines from the movie and builds upon them to reference both the deep love Simba and Mufasa shared (and how he was such a perfect father) and the guilt, despair, and suffering that Simba went through as mentioned above is just so overpowering and gut-wrenching.
  • "Rafiki Mourns."
    • Also, the lionesses mourning Mufasa's death with tears streaming from their eyes is enough to make anyone's eyes watery.
  • "Shadowland" is sung by Nala and the lionesses as she prepares to leave the pridelands in search of help. The mourning tone sets the despair of everyone as Nala is about to leave the home she has known all her life. The last chorus of the lionesses asking her to always remember her pride and Nala promising she will return is completely heartbreaking.
    • The beginning of the song, about how dire the situation is, also counts as you remember she has had to grow up and see her home be desecrated by over-hunting.
      • Nala (or any of the lionesses for what we know) has no experience of living as a rogue, without a pride. She might be the one with higher chances of survival due to still being young, but think about it: There is no guarantee Nala will survive being alone in the wilderness, let alone find help.
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  • Seeing Mufasa's death live.
  • Simba having a flashback to his father's death while Timon is dangling from a branch over a waterfall.


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