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Tear Jerker / The Giver

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  • What happened to Rosemary is bad enough, but when you find out that she was The Giver's daughter, and that he watched her "being released," and that HE plans on "being released" himself now that he's finished teaching Jonas, it takes on a whole new level of depressing.
    • The fact that the Giver didn't actually finish watching the release, but had to look away. While a perfectly sensible thing to do, the matter-of-fact way it's stated adds to the poignancy of the scene.
  • The fact that Jonas's parents—and everyone else but the Giver in the book—is ignorant to the idea of love. It's so difficult to fathom— parents who don't actually love their children is a hard concept to swallow. The delivery of it was so simple too; not dramatic and heart-wrenching which made it even harder to read.
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  • Jonas enjoys his role as the Receiver at first, receiving all kinds of happy memories such as riding a bobsled, genuinely happy families, holidays, and various world cultures—all things that happened before the rise of the Community. Then comes the memories of animal poaching and war, as the Giver's way of warning him that pre-Community life wasn't all sunshine and rainbows.
  • The ending lines.
    "For the first time, he heard something that he knew to be music. He heard people singing. Behind him, across vast distances of space and time, from the place he had left, he thought he heard music too. But perhaps it was only an echo."

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