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Tear Jerker / The Elder Scrolls

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  • At one point in 2920, a Dunmer woman frantically searches through a burned building for her child.
    Turala screamed for Bosriel, but the only reply was the high whistling wind through the ashes.
  • The fate of the Dwemer race:
    • They were not the nicest guys in history and they did some dick things (like what they did with the Snow Elves for just one example among... quite a few). But even as creepy as the Dwemer ruins can be, there is a kind of wonder surrounding them. After all, these guys made steam engines, complex astronomical devices and effing robots. They had a scientific genius that the rest of the Elder Scrolls world could only guess at. But then they tried to make their own God, and... well, it all just went downhill from there. As unlikely as it may have been, and as ultimately destructive as it could have been... One can only wonder just how much better life might be for the denizens of Tamriel if the Dwarves could have used their technology to truly better themselves AND the world around them. Now all that is left of the greatest minds in Tamriel are machines, empty cities and one final member of their race, searching for his kin and ending his life diseased and mad.
    • In Skyrim, we learn that the Dwemer had managed to build a device that could read an Elder Scroll without the associated blindness. In other words, using science and technology, married to magic, they could see the future! And then their civilization vanished.